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Connect Your World

Enjin-powered games are powerful, visionary works of interactive art on their own—but they're even better when bound together.
User Acquisition

Implement shared multiverse assets to slash your user acquisition costs.


Collaborate with other studios and cross-promote your video games.


Create quests and campaigns that spawn across multiple virtual worlds.

Worlds Beyond Worlds

Learn about the Multiverse lore, assets, and the perilous quest for the ultimate artifact—the first ever ERC-1155 token, worth over 1 million ENJ.
Watch the Trailer

Hear the legend of the Enjin Multiverse from the Wizard himself.

Explore Multiverse Game Mechanics

Venture into uncharted territory—and experiment
with innovative new types of gameplay.

Create items and characters that can level up through multiple games.


Forge custom and randomly-generated multiverse sidequests.


Design evolvable sidekicks and creatures that move through games.

Find everything you need to know about blockchain multiverses on our blog.

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