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July 26, 2022

BeInCrypto Covers the Greenest Blockchains, Starting With Efinity

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BeInCrypto Covers the Greenest Blockchains, Starting With Efinity
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Efinity was featured in BeInCrypto's ebook about sustainable, green blockchains.

BeInCrypto has released an ebook about the greenest, most sustainable blockchains out there and spends some time talking about how each tech manages to be more carbon-conscious than your average Proof of Stake.

Efinity takes a featured spot here, with a couple of quotes from our CTO Witek Radomski about how parachains work in relation to the total energy used:

“There are other, greener PoS protocols available: Polkadot is proving to be among the most viable and carbon-conscious options, using the equivalent of 6.6 US households worth of energy per year, which is why we’ve chosen it as the destination for our NFT parachain, Efinity. Parachains do not require additional energy resources to operate, so Polkadot's energy consumption will remain less than 0.001% of Bitcoin.”

    - Witek Radomski

Also featured in the ebook is Nano, once upon a time known as RaiBlocks, which has positioned itself as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency with the emphasis on "currency." It uses a custom Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism.

Colin LeMahieu, founder and director of theNano Foundation, claims the network can run 15.5 million transactions with the energy of one Bitcoin transaction.

Cardano also made the cut, as did Algorand, and Stellar Lumens.

In addition to energy usage, the BeInCrypto ebook also talks about other factors such as decentralization.

It should be lauded for digging deeper into the energy statistics -- it's one thing to accept a quote with a statistic, and it's another to truly understand where that statistic came from and analyze it.

This ebook does the latter, and it's no surprise it finished up believing Efinity is one of the most sustainable blockchains in existence.

Check out the full ebook here.

BeInCrypto Covers the Greenest Blockchains, Starting With Efinity
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