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November 25, 2022

Bite Local NFTs: Rewarding Aussies With NFTs and Free Food

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Bite Local NFTs: Rewarding Aussies With NFTs and Free Food
Transforming loyalty schemes with web3 tech.

Food delivery apps are broken. Despite the convenience, we’ve all had to deal with inflated prices, issues with wrong/missing orders, and the dreaded “I can’t find your house” call.

Bite Local is aiming to change that. Together with C51 Consulting, it’s creating a local-focused food delivery system where everyone in the chain is on a first-name basis, and users can discover nearby restaurants they love & want to frequent.

After getting 75 restaurants on board, the next step is tackling its loyalty program — and that’s where Enjin comes in.

Users will be able to utilize and trade non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), which reward the holder with utilities and free food for specific actions. They can use their NFTs to claim real-world rewards from their favorite restaurants, upgrading them as their patronage progresses, and ultimately retaining the right to sell or trade them as they see fit.

The program is made possible by Enjin technology, and this unprecedented level of user ownership over their loyalty rewards will encourage more people than ever to… bite local!

Bite Local’s Approach to Online Food Delivery

How often have you browsed a food delivery app and thought the prices seem far too inflated?

Bite Local is an Australian company founded on the belief that everyone should benefit from the food delivery economy. Their innovative approach to online food delivery offers a better deal for restaurants, consumers, and delivery drivers. 

With a network of over 75 restaurants and growing, and 56,845 meals delivered across 17,129 users, they’ve defied the odds in an industry dominated by giants. Clearly, something is resonating with users. 

From fairer pricing to knowing their customers and having a more local hands-on relationship, restaurants get a better deal with Bite Local. These are the reasons Bite Local's model fits perfectly into the sharing economy and is the natural next step in food delivery.

Bite Local’s digital rewards scheme takes this even further, by giving users ownership over their loyalty rewards.

Users can start by scanning a QR code to get their first NFT. Then, they can use their Enjin wallet to keep track of their tokens and collectibles. Bite Local's NFTs are one-off fast-food-themed artworks that provide exclusive access to real-world rewards and experiences.

A series of anthropomorphized fast food items are displayed as NFTs.

Different levels of rarity await users, with the chance to get their hands on the limited edition Take Out Trinity, or one of the 4,000 common NFTs. The Take Out Trinity consists of the following:

  • Tier 3 - Unicorn - The ultimate tier. A single NFT can receive special random prizes and a free meal worth $100 every month. (value = approx $1,500)
  • Tier 2 - 300 NFTs - Discount delivery for every order in the Bite Local App. These include Bob the Burger, Thiago the Taco, and Pia the Pizza.
  • Tier 1 - 4000 NFTs - Free random NFT, collect all 5 available to level up to Tier 2. These include Dancin' Donuts, Bucket o' Chick'n, Hot Diggity Dawg, Sushi Avo, and Oodles 'o' Noodles.

To date, Bite Local has created 4,301 NFTs and counting. Interested foodies can download the Bite Local delivery app on both Google Play and the App Store.  

Enjin: Reimagining Engagement

Smaller platforms and merchants have been struggling to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of customer engagement. They are being left behind by the shift to mobile, the rise of social media, and the need for instant gratification.

With Enjin, these platforms and merchants can easily create sophisticated loyalty programs, and engage customers with rich media content. Enjin provides the tools they need to stay competitive and keep their customers coming back for more. Beyond providing the technology to power their virtual ecosystem, Enjin's team is committed to making the process frictionless for users.

For a tech-based platform like Bite Local, partnering with Enjin unlocks a world of possibilities. They now have the power to reimagine customer engagement and take on opportunities in the burgeoning web3 space.

Bite Local founder Dave Wilton had this to say about the partnership:

“Bite Local is about connection and community, and about being fairer and better for everyone. We want to disrupt the market through a personal, local service and through innovation. ENJIN as a leader in its field is a great fit for us, and so this partnership made sense. It enables Bite Local to bring more fun and great value to our customers.”

As loyalty programs increasingly make use of web3 technology and users take ownership of their progression, Bite Local will be known as one of the early pioneers in the space. 

But it’s by no means an exclusive club — Enjin tools are getting easier to use every week. Find out more about how to implement them here.

Find out how Enjin tech can help in other kinds of promotions, as well as helping artists, game developers, and industries you may never have thought of.

Interested in using QR codes and Enjin to grow your business? Talk to us.

Bite Local NFTs: Rewarding Aussies With NFTs and Free Food
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