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March 18, 2022

BlockTrucks: Play-to-Earn Offroad Racing Game Joins Enjin

BlockTrucks: Play-to-Earn Offroad Racing Game Joins Enjin
Start your engines and compete in a multiplayer offroad racing game built on Enjin and Efinity.

We are excited to welcome BlockTrucks to the Enjin and Efinity ecosystem!

BlockTrucks is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) offroad multiplayer racing game using the Efinity parachain to fuel a more rewarding experience for its players.

In BlockTrucks, players climb the ranks to attain the status of Grand Champion. As you race, you'll earn the in-game currency (TRUCK) tokens and collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of upgrade cards which can be used to upgrade your truck.

Continued success will grant access to special items such as truck cosmetics, tournament entry tickets, and more. The higher your rank, the greater the rewards!

The game features four tough racing conditions ranging from sand, mud, and snow to the Ramp Series tarmac events. As you climb the ranks, you'll unlock new stadiums and track conditions to compete in.

BlockTrucks will be playable via your desktop web browser, Android, and iOS, while the use of Efinity ensures that all in-game digital assets are portable cross-chain. This creates a foundation for interoperability between gaming platforms and blockchain protocols, so you can compete against your friends and other players no matter which device or chain you prefer.

A Gaming Experience Fueled by NFTs

"We're building a competitive multiplayer racing game on a blockchain tech stack geared for game developers! Not only does it make sense to partner with a company called 'Enjin', but their entire product ecosystem is unrivaled in the space.

With Efinity, developers and their players will no longer be held back by archaic fees and restrictions, and able to focus on creating and having fun."

— Greg Quinn, CEO & Founder, blocktrucks.io

BlockTrucks is using the Enjin Platform and Efinity to bring a greater degree of customization to the gaming experience with NFTs.

Truck Cosmetics

Win paints, decals, tyre sets, and nitro boosts through racing or on the marketplace.

Tournament Entry Tickets

Earn or win limited-time tournament entry ticket NFTs granting access to special events.

Card Booster Packs

Upgrade your truck daily with these packs or mint and sell them from your upgrade card reserves.


Work with the BlockTrucks design team to customize your stadium's track layout and branding, including billboard logos, barrier colors, and even seating. You'll own a share of all token and advertising revenue from races held in your stadium. Only 21 stadiums will be available at launch.

Truck Sets

Purchase your own branded truck set and work with the BlockTrucks design team to customize your decal, paint, and tyres. Your branded set will be for sale via the in-game store, offering brand exposure while you earn a share of all sales. Only 20 branded truck sets will be made available at launch.

BlockTrucks Roadmap

The team has an ambitious roadmap ahead in 2022, with Enjin/Efinity integration in Q2 and Open Beta testing and game launch slated for Q3.

The team is launching their NFT pre-sale today, where you can claim some of the limited-edition stadiums, branded truck sets, and more.

To follow along with the game's progress, join BlockTrucks on Twitter and Discord.

Competitive P2E Offroad Racing
Learn more about BlockTrucks and read the game's whitepaper.
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BlockTrucks: Play-to-Earn Offroad Racing Game Joins Enjin
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