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December 10, 2021

Contaverse Battle: Robot Build-to-Fight Game Joins Enjin

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Contaverse Battle: Robot Build-to-Fight Game Joins Enjin
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Meet our newest Enjin adopter, Contaverse, a blockchain combat game that lets you design, nurture, and battle your own lovable robot NFTs.

Blockchain gaming projects across the world all share many of the same unique attributes. The co-mingling of engineering, cutting-edge technology, and creativity is producing some truly innovative products, taking what games have typically done up a notch.

Whether collecting non-fungible token (NFT) pets, playing virtual quests, or building your own custom NFTs, these games are changing the way we play.

Among these projects, Contaverse: Battle is unraveling a blockchain-powered experience that lets you design battle your own robots (called "Contabots") using parts made from NFTs.

The gaming platform nurtures a more intimate connection between players and their customized robots. You can take care of your Contabot as you would your pet. These robots require lots of TLC: you need to feed and care for them, nurse them back to health after a fight, and provide them with fun accessories along the way.

Inspired by Tamagotchi pets, these virtual pet mechanics are an integral part of strengthening the bond between player and NFT companion.

As you progress, you'll have access to even more parts that can be used to further customize your Contabot. Unlike Tamagotchi-style games of the past, the Contaverse game experience continues to evolve as you play, so you'll never bore of your non-fungible companion.

Once you’ve built your custom Contabot, you get to show it off as your avatar in PvP/PvE fights, earning while you battle and progress.

Contaverse Battle: Robot Build-to-Fight Game Joins Enjin
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Aside from customization, Contaverse is assigning real-world value to its NFTs.

That means every time you play and fight other Contabots, you'll have the chance to win tokens called “Cogs” that are each worth 0.25 Enjin Coin (ENJ). Every token you use to create your Contabot is also backed with ENJ, .

Here’s a custom Contabot called Moonboy that could kick off your inspirational juices as you get set to join the gaming platform when it’s available to the public.

The Contaverse team is using our fee-free, carbon-negative blockchain JumpNet to bring you a unique game that lets you securely collect, hold, or trade NFT in-game assets affordably and without impacting the environment. Each of these tokens is a store of value that you can melt or sell anytime you wish.

The team also plans to integrate the Efinity blockchain in the future for a seamless Play-to-Earn experience.

"The Enjin team is really helpful and their support has been equally as phenomenal as their technologies! It perfectly fits what we're trying to achieve with our NFT games and is easy to implement."

The Contaverse team is filled with ambition, which comes through clearly in its roadmap.

Currently in Closed Alpha with full PvP support and online matchmaking, the game is open to players who hold one of its “Founders Tokens," NFTs which grant exclusive access and give players a say in how the game progresses on the developmental front.

Beta release will soon follow, and the team promises to deliver exciting updates and features over the next month or so, introducing tournaments and competitions between factions, sidekick minions to support you in battle, customizable spaceships and paint for your Contabots, new parts and upgrades, and more.

To stay up-to-date with Contaverse, you can follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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