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February 14, 2023

Enjin Development Update (14/02/23)

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Enjin Development Update (14/02/23)
A round-up of Enjin's development activity for the last two weeks.

Hello Enjineers!

This is the third development update of the year and we're excited to share some of the progress we've made so far!

In this bi-weekly update, we will be covering:

  1. NFTio: The newest and most cutting-edge NFT marketplace.
  2. Enjin Wallet: The only crypto & NFT wallet you need.
  3. Enjin Tooling:
    a. The Enjin Platform
    b. Beam
    c. SDKs

All screenshots in this article are subject to change pending further development

🛒 NFT.io

What is NFT.io?

NFT.io is the next marketplace for all NFTs, with an awesome branded domain. NFT.io includes all of the basic functionalities found in any NFT-related marketplace and the ability to work with Efinity in the future. It not only has excellent features, but it also has an easy and friendly user interface and user experience.

Focusing on UI improvements and quality-of-life updates, the NFT.io development team provided us with some amazing details regarding Beam and Collection updates as follows —

  • Added map with claims per country counter on the Beam details page.
    • This feature will allow for better data-tracking and decision-making when it comes to understanding patterns from Beams created by you on NFT.io.
Beam claim map & export .csv feature
  • Added ability to download a .csv file with claims related to selected Beam.
    • This feature will allow for better data-tracking and decision-making when it comes to understanding patterns from Beams created by you on NFT.io.
  • Added ability to edit owned collections.

📱Enjin Wallet 2.0

What is the Enjin Wallet?

The Enjin Wallet application (available for Android and iOS) is the next-generation crypto and NFT mobile app that enables you to store, send and sell your NFTs, in addition to using the Enjin Wallet as any cryptocurrency wallet application.

Continuing the trend of improving the wallet based on the feedback of our community, the Enjin Wallet development team is sharing some welcome updates with us!

Wallet updates —

  • Added wallet rearrangement feature
    • This feature should allow users to rearrange the position of the wallets based on the importance of the wallets owned by the user.
Rearrange wallet feature.
  • Added support for Polygon & Binance Chain collectibles.
  • Wallet sorting addresses based on the balance.
    • By default, wallets will now sort addresses automatically based on the total balance, from high to low balances.
  • Added a feature that prevents importing the same wallet under the same recovery phrase twice.
  • Added a new warning for users to perform the backup of the wallet to prevent loss of funds.
  • Added support for grouped collectibles.
    • Now multiple assets can be grouped and displayed as grouped collectibles in the Enjin Wallet!
Grouped NFT Feature
  • Quality of Life improvements.

🛠️ Enjin Tooling

This section is broken down into 3 categories:

  • The Enjin Platform
  • Enjin SDKs
  • Enjin Beam

📖 The Enjin Platform

What is the Enjin Platform?

The new Enjin Platform is a package that enables developers to implement blockchain integration more quickly. With it, game developers can perform blockchain actions without worrying about encoding or signing transactions or understanding specific blockchain technical details.

Updates —

  • A cap field is now required when creating tokens.
    • To help ensure clarity in the documentation and the correct intent behind creating fungible or non-fungible tokens on Efinity, users are now required to enter the token supply cap when creating a token.
  • Added skipValidation parameter on all mutations.
    • The skipValidation parameter allows mutations to pass to the blockchain without pre-confirming all entered parameters.
  • ContinueOnFailure has been enabled again as it’s now part of the efinityUtility.batch
  • tokenId and encodeTokenId merged into one.
    • Both parameters have been merged into tokenId, making it simpler for game devs to supply the token ID of a new token that could or could not have encoding options.
  • Quality-of-life improvements & optimizations.

💻 Enjin SDKs

What is an SDK?

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software tools and programs provided by hardware and software vendors that developers and game devs can use to build applications for specific platforms. Enjin makes our SDKs available for developers to easily integrate into their apps and games.

While the focus of the SDK development team is to build the new Enjin Platform SDKs, we have also added a retroactively requested feature on the EVM + Jumpnet SDKs for our current game adopters.

Updates —

  • Resolved issue preventing V.2 C# SDK from being released on NuGet
    • All previous updates for the V.2 C# SDK of the EVM-based platform are now going to be released on NuGet as expected.
  • Completed work for C# Enjin Platform SDK beta.
    • C# support for the Enjin Platform SDK is now complete, which means that Efinity is now fully compatible with the new C# SDK created by our platform development team and it should be released once the Enjin Platform API changes from the Alpha to the Beta stage.

💻 Beam

What is Enjin Beam?

Beam is a first-of-its-kind QR-powered blockchain asset distribution service.

With Beam, you can tailor the rewards you send to suit your target audiences and marketing objectives, such as gaming assets, branded collectibles, gift cards, discount codes, early access, and more.

Beam QR codes can be published via any visually accessible medium—from social media networks, websites, ads, and videos to flyers and presentations, and within apps or games.

Updates —

  • Support for creating Beams using an approved collection.
    • This feature will allow developers to create beams from collections that were not natively owned by the person who is interacting with them as long as the owner of the collection approves said action.
  • Added pause Beam feature.
    • This feature allows pausing a beam that is currently operating, in case any changes need to be done to it without compromising the already deployed Beam.
  • Added DeleteBeam mutation.
    • This mutation has been added to accommodate a scenario where a Beam needs to be deleted for any unspecific reason.
  • Added UpdateBeam mutation.
    • This mutation allows updating a few parameters on an already existing Beam, such as the name, description, claim periods, and image.
  • Improved Fungible Token support.
    • This improvement has been done considering a few previous parameters for Fungible Tokens when creating a beam, in short, to prevent errors based on the feedback from our QA team as Fungible Tokens are now supported on Efinity Beams.

💬 From the Team 💬

That concludes this edition of our bi-weekly development update! Keep an eye out for the next one in two weeks. We’ll see you then!

Happy Valentine's from the Enjin team! Discover love and magic in this one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day 2023 NFT featuring Emi the Love Fairy. This beautifully hand-drawn illustration depicts her spreading joy and love on this very special day. A perfect addition to any collection - whether you're a fan of fairies, Valentine's Day, or simply appreciate beautiful digital art.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us through our support team.

Looking for more developer material? Learn more below:

  1. Our technical documentation: https://docs.enjin.io
  2. Our other bi-weekly development updates: https://enjin.io/blog-tags/developers
  3. Our developer discord hub: https://discord.com/invite/qVA6uDr2f8
  4. Our help centre: https://enjin.io/help
  5. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/enjin
Enjin Development Update (14/02/23)
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