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February 28, 2023

Enjin Development Update (28/02/23)

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Enjin Development Update (28/02/23)
A round-up of Enjin's development activity for the last two weeks.

Hello Enjineers!

Another feature-packed development update is upon us and we're excited to share some of the progress we've made so far!

In this bi-weekly update, we will be covering:

  1. NFTio: The newest and most cutting-edge NFT marketplace.
  2. Enjin Wallet: The only crypto & NFT wallet you need.
  3. Enjin Tooling:
    a. The Enjin Platform
    b. Beam

All screenshots in this article are subject to change pending further development

🛒 NFT.io

What is NFT.io?

NFT.io is the next marketplace for all NFTs, with an awesome branded domain. NFT.io includes all of the basic functionalities found in any NFT-related marketplace and the ability to work with Efinity in the future. It not only has excellent features, but it also has an easy and friendly user interface and user experience.

This week's update focuses on additions and improvements to the beam process for Efinity on NFT.io. The following updates detail these changes:

  • Added the ability to buy Beam Credits with EFI;
    • Users will be able to purchase Beam Credits to create their own Beams on NFT.io. This system will allow users to acquire Beam Credits with EFI, or by participating in certain activities. This will allow them to use an Enjin-managed version of Beam, without having to host their own integration with the Enjin Platform or learning how to use the API to create a Beam.
  • Added page for both Beam Credits and Earn Credits;
    • This page will allow users to purchase and earn Beam credits.
  • Six tasks have been added to earn free Beam Credits;
    • Users will be able to earn free Beam credits by performing a few social tasks on NFT.io.
  • Added .glb file extension support when creating assets;
    • By adding support to .glb files, users will be able to create tokens with 3D models.
  • Front-end and back-end improvements;
  • Quality-of-life improvements.

📱Enjin Wallet 2.0

What is the Enjin Wallet?

The Enjin Wallet application (available for Android and iOS) is the next-generation crypto and NFT mobile app that enables you to store, send and sell your NFTs, in addition to using the Enjin Wallet just like any other cryptocurrency wallet application.

Updates —

  • Added support for adding custom tokens on Polygon and BSC blockchains;
    • Users should be able to add custom contract addresses for Polygon and BSC tokens now.
  • Improved error handling when sending BTC/LTC/DOGE transactions;
    • Users should no longer experience incorrect errors when performing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and DogeCoin transactions.
  • Added alerts to remind users to backup their wallets;
  • Added play button indicators on video collectible assets;
    • Tokens with video as part of their metadata will now have a play button for improved user experience.
  • Quality-of-life improvements.

🛠️ Enjin Tooling

This section is broken down into 2 categories:

  • The Enjin Platform
  • Enjin Beam

📖 The Enjin Platform

What is the Enjin Platform?

The new Enjin Platform is a package that enables developers to implement blockchain integration more quickly. With it, game developers can perform blockchain actions without worrying about encoding or signing transactions or understanding specific blockchain technical details.

Updates —

  • Added support for Laravel 10;
    • The platform now supports Laravel 10, ensuring its compatibility with the latest version of the framework.
  • Optimizations on core queries;
    • Optimizations to the core database query in order to improve performance when getting records, especially on large datasets.
  • Quality-of-life improvements.

💻 Beam

What is Enjin Beam?

Beam is a first-of-its-kind QR-powered blockchain asset distribution service.

With Beam, you can tailor the rewards you send to suit your target audiences and marketing objectives, such as gaming assets, branded collectibles, gift cards, discount codes, early access, and more.

Beam QR codes can be published via any visually accessible medium—from social media networks, websites, ads, and videos to flyers and presentations, and within apps or games.

Updates —

  • Added GetSingleUseCodes query;
    • Use GetSingleUseCodes to obtain a list of single-use codes for a single-use beam. Please note that the beam must have been created as a single-use type for this method to be relevant.
  • Added WebSocket channel specifically for Beam events;
    • WebSockets are a protocol that enables two-way communication between a client and a server over a single, persistent connection. By creating a dedicated WebSocket channel for Beam events, the system can handle these events in a more efficient and streamlined manner, without impacting other WebSocket channels that may be in use.
  • Expired beam claim records are now Prunable;
    • This feature will delete (prune) expired, unclaimed beam claim records in order to keep the database size manageable. This can be disabled globally or per beam, and the length of time after a beam expires before its claim records are pruned is configurable too.
  • Quality-of-life and data validation improvements.

💬 From the Team 💬

That concludes this edition of our bi-weekly development update! Keep an eye out for the next one in two weeks. We’ll see you then!

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us through our support team.

Looking for more developer material? Learn more below:

  1. Our technical documentation: https://docs.enjin.io
  2. Our other bi-weekly development updates: https://enjin.io/blog-tags/developers
  3. Our developer discord hub: https://discord.com/invite/qVA6uDr2f8
  4. Our help centre: https://enjin.io/help
  5. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/enjin

Enjin Development Update (28/02/23)
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