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September 30, 2019

Introducing the Enjin Marketplace

Introducing the Enjin Marketplace
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You can now safely and seamlessly buy and sell ERC-1155 blockchain assets directly via the Enjin Marketplace.

Names of great traders, merchants, and explorers like Marco Polo have gone down in history, all driven by the need to travel far and wide to find the finest goods to bring home.

Marco Polo spent 24 years away from home, slowly traveling far beyond the horizon and bringing back tales and wares the likes of which his home had never seen.

Over time, our innate need to trade has shaped the physical world we live in—and it's shaping our digital world, too.

Now, you never have to leave home to find what you’re looking for, and the only explorer you need to know the name of is…


Today, we are proud and beyond excited to announce that our highly anticipated Enjin Marketplace is live and ready for trading.

Yet another step in the evolution of trading has begun.

Built on a Legacy of Innovation

The Enjin ecosystem has come a long way from its first tentative steps in late 2017, and less than two years later has already grown larger, more sophisticated, and more empowering than we ever originally anticipated.

From the initial release of the Enjin Wallet to innovations like the ERC-1155 Ethereum token standard, everything we build is released with the purpose of improving our robust ecosystem and the blockchain experience as a whole.

Our mission is to bring real-life value to digital worlds—but value can never be truly realized if it cannot be transferred, and it cannot be transferred if it can’t be discovered.

If we want our digital assets and achievements to carry real value, we have to ensure that they can be traded as easily as possible.

Enjin Marketplace is the next step toward achieving this vision and improving not only the world of blockchain, but gaming as well.

It’s built to be easy-to-use and a joy to explore, whether you’re a longtime Enjin enthusiast or an avid gamer just encountering the miracle of blockchain for the first time.

With the combined power of the world’s fastest Ethereum explorer and most secure blockchain wallet, you can now move smoothly into the next step of ERC-1155 asset adoption.

Enjin Marketplace blockchain item trading

Improving the Enjin Ecosystem

The freedom to trade with ease is a powerful motivator for us as humans, which is why we’ve built a marketplace to work easily and seamlessly in conjunction with our existing technology—EnjinX and the Enjin Wallet.

Adding a marketplace into our ecosystem means we can provide:

  • Security: No more risk of getting scammed by rogue traders. Buy and sell assets with the full confidence that you will actually receive what you're owed.
  • Unified experience: Built with the UX that helps set Enjin apart.
  • Ease of use: Complete transactions without leaving your mobile device.
  • Seamless searching: Find on-sale assets and prices in one place.
  • Transparency: Informed decision-making creates stronger markets.

With Enjin Marketplace, we’re making it easy for you to navigate the challenges and complexities of trading in the digital world.

You won’t even have to add a new tab to your bookmarks—it simply runs right on EnjinX and in your Enjin Wallet app.

Now, you can easily and quickly search for exactly what your collection requires, or find the attention of those likewise seeking.

Or, as we say in gaming, “EnjinX has wares if you have coin.”

A Seamless Trading Experience

We’ve seen the demand for trading, and we strongly believe that building a great peer-to-peer trading experience is an essential part of bringing real value to games—and driving forward our mission of blockchain adoption.

Our ability to do this hinges upon our being able to eliminate as much friction from every process as possible, so we’ve made buying and selling assets on Enjin Marketplace a breeze.

How to Sell

You can list any ERC-1155 asset that you hold in your Enjin Wallet for sale in just a few taps of the screen.

  1. Select: Navigate to your Collectibles in the Enjin Wallet. If you’ve updated to the latest app version, you will see a new “Sell Item” button under each asset’s details (this option can also be seen by clicking the three-dot menu). Press it.
  2. Input listing details: Choose the desired quantity to sell and set your sale price in ENJ. The equivalent fiat value will show below, or you can tap the currency icon to input a fiat value. You will also need to choose a sending (gas) fee.
  3. Confirm: Confirm the sale details and list your asset. It will now be available for purchase on EnjinX! All assets you’ve listed will appear at the top of your Enjin Wallet collectibles page in the “Marketplace” platform.

Note: A 2.5% trading fee will be assessed on all successful sales. This will always be clearly marked before you confirm listing an asset.

We’ve also made it easy for you to share your sale listings on social media right from the wallet.

And if you’re having second thoughts about selling a prized asset or need to change the sale price, don’t worry—you can cancel or edit a sale at any time.

Enjin marketplace blockchain gaming crypto collectibles

How to Buy

Buying assets on Enjin Marketplace is as easy as scanning a QR code — a behavior we’ve come to know and love from Enjin Beam.

  1. Select: When you’ve found an asset you want, click “BUY.” You’ll be shown the price and quantity available—decide how many you want to buy and click “Purchase” to continue.
  2. Scan: Scan the QR code with the Enjin Wallet to complete your purchase (or click the button if browsing on your mobile device).
  3. Receive: Once payment is confirmed, your order will be sent directly to your wallet, making you the proud new owner of a shiny ERC-1155 asset! Of course, transaction details will be readily available on EnjinX.

Note that you can buy assets from several traders at once in a single transaction when buying multiple copies of an asset — no need to run three separate trades to get three separate tokens.

Imagine the time Marco Polo could have saved himself if he’d been able to purchase from a merchant in Beijing and a bazaar in Constantinople at the same time!

Onward and Upward

Today marks a moment in Enjin history that our team and community have been looking forward to for some time—but it’s still just the start of something special.

As our blockchain game development platform and SDKs move to Ethereum Mainnet, digital asset creation backed by the real value of Enjin Coin will be within reach of anybody, and the Enjin Marketplace will allow easy trading of all those freshly self-minted goods.

Our marketplace will only increase in utility and importance as more games finish development and release—bringing network effects of eager traders, and introducing new gamers to blockchain.

We’re empowering everyone to list blockchain assets for sale, or easily find those available for purchase.

We let decentralization and the free market take care of the rest, helping to usher in real gaming economies driven by peer-to-peer value.

We’ve come a long way from trade being conducted with Cowrie shells, recorded on Ishango bones, and given authority by the lions of King Alyattes.

Together, we’re going to go a whole lot further still.

A journey like this is best shared, so we hope you join us.

Let’s make Marco proud-o.

Note that you can’t list items for sale at an equivalent fiat value above $100,000 USD, so if you end up finding the Monolith, you may wish to get in contact with support for some help on getting it listed.

Introducing the Enjin Marketplace
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