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October 5, 2021

Enjin Ecosystem Vlog, Ep. 6: Building & Scaling NFTs with JumpNet

Enjin Ecosystem Vlog, Ep. 6: Building & Scaling NFTs with JumpNet
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Find out what's in store for our gas-free, eco-friendly blockchain, JumpNet.

In this week's Ecosystem Update, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate and CTO Witek Radomski share the upcoming roadmap for JumpNet, our forever-free Ethereum scaling solution.

What is JumpNet?

JumpNet is an integral component of our multi-chain infrastructure for scaling non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-based blockchain, it's like a sister network to Ethereum—but with fee-free transactions.

Although JumpNet operates like Ethereum, it lifts some of the heaviest burdens for developers, among which are expensive gas fees and painfully slow processing times. Working on JumpNet means taking advantage of free transactions with faster execution times.

For developers, this means games built on JumpNet run much more efficiently, and they'll have the option of using bridges to connect their JumpNet assets with other networks, including Ethereum and eventually Efinity.

Since its launch, JumpNet has sparked a wave of development and activity in our ecosystem, and has already been used to create over 20 million carbon-negative assets.

As JumpNet evolves into its own unique network fueling our ecosystem, we're developing new features and functionality, and aim to decentralize it further.


Slated for release this quarter, the JumpNet ERC-1155 asset bridge will enable NFTs to easily be moved back and forth between JumpNet and Ethereum.

This will provide freedom to gamers who may want to use and trade their assets across different platforms and marketplaces, and open up new possibilities for developers to take advantage of JumpNet.

As a developer, you'll be able to move assets directly from the SDK you're using.

For NFT collectors and players, this bridge will enable you to move assets between JumpNet and Ethereum right in the Enjin Wallet by just clicking a button.

If you're a developer like Age of Rust—which has millions of items currently living on Ethereum Mainnet—you may want to be able to move huge amounts of assets in between  the two networks. So, we're also working on a total account merge, which would allow you to do this in one fell swoop.

Smart Contracts

JumpNet smart contracts have been highly requested by our developers, who want the the same functionality and flexibility they have on Ethereum, paired with the speed and affordability of JumpNet.

In Q4, we'll be enabling anyone to deploy a smart contract on the network, using your favorite Ethereum tools, and enabling your users to interact with that smart contract for free, via the products they are familiar with.

EFI on JumpNet

Efinity Token (EFI) is the native token of Efinity, used to pay transactions fees on the upcoming Polkadot-based NFT parachain.

While JumpNet offers free transactions, there are certain developers and projects that will need more transactions than the default limits. To continue to transact for free, users can stake EFI on JumpNet and increase these limits based on the total EFI on JumpNet.

Have feedback?

We love hearing from our community and sharing more information with you about our products. If you'd like our team to cover something specific in an upcoming video, drop us a line on Twitter or leave a comment on our next video.

Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll discuss our new open-source SDKs and improvements to the Enjin Platform API.

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Enjin Ecosystem Vlog, Ep. 6: Building & Scaling NFTs with JumpNet
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