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December 13, 2021

PlayNFT: Bringing NFTs to Twitch via Efinity

PlayNFT: Bringing NFTs to Twitch via Efinity
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Twitch streamers will soon be able to supercharge engagement by rewarding their viewers with high-utility, interoperable NFTs on Efinity.

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) become ubiquitous, there's increasing demand for tokens that provide collectors with real functionality without negatively impacting the environment.

Built on Polkadot, Efinity is already designed to solve the sustainability part of the problem—now PlayNFT is stepping up to ensure all new and existing NFTs creators and owners have an easy way to add utility to their beloved non-fungibles.

One of the most powerful advantage of NFTs is their ability to galvanize communities. Across the world, evangelic congregations of collectors have been popping up, depicting themselves as punks, apes, lions, cyborgs, and an ever-expanding multiverse of humanoid beings. They proudly wear these NFTs as profile pictures across the emerging metaverse, as if they were planting flags on the moon itself.

Everyone knows Twitch—it's arguably the most socially galvanizing content creation platform that has ever existed.

Twitch's 9.2 million creators are experts in community building. Entertainment and engagement is their mission, and such creators have grown the platform to 140 million monthly active users. These aren't users that click into a website then bounce back out in a second, they spend hours (sometimes days) at a time watching, chatting, and building relationships with creators and the communities that surround them.

PlayNFT is the missing piece of the community-building puzzle creators need to build ardent advocacy around their content.

Twitch streamers will be able to go to PlayNFT.io, mint NFTs, and choose from a list of games and apps where they want their NFTs to be usable—then seamlessly distribute them to their community via PlayNFT's Twitch plugin.

PlayNFT: Bringing NFTs to Twitch via Efinity
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PlayNFT represents a new paradigm for game and app monetization.

Right now, game and app developers can log onto the PlayNFT.io and register as a "Utility Publisher." This adds them to the utility marketplace, where NFT creators and collectors can "buy utility" from them.

Once the utility has been attached to an NFT, the owner of the NFT can log into the game or app, attach their wallet, and enjoy the unique benefits of having usable cross-game NFTs.

If you're an NFT collector who has a wallet full of collectibles, you can even log onto the platform and add utility to them yourself. This utility stays with your NFT no matter what wallet it moves to, which means you can resell your NFT and showcase its utility as part of its value proposition.

PlayNFT is a testament to Enjin's 4-year initiative to enable true ownership of digital products with clear benefits to their owners. When you own a PlayNFT, you can enjoy the experiences and benefits that come with it. NFTs can be pretty pictures and so much more, with just a few clicks.

The PlayNFT Twitch plugin is in the process of being approved by Twitch and is designed to take community engagement to the next level. Streamers will be able to reward their viewers with NFTs at the click of a button.

This seamless integration will allow Twitch to create more engaged communities where people all over the world can form meaningful lifelong relationships without even leaving the Twitch website.

3 years ago, we introduced the idea of the "multiverse," a digital experience where interoperable virtual items are usable across a plethora of separate games and apps. PlayNFT is here to help make that vision a reality. If you want your game or app to become part of this ever-growing multiverse, log on to PlayNFT.io and register as a utility publisher today.

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