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June 6, 2022

Read the (New) Docs!

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Read the (New) Docs!
With more than a handful of launches on the horizon, it's time for a general refresh of Enjin's documentation.

With the introduction of a new open platform for Enjin tools, as well as our new blockchain Efinity, a healthy refresh of our documentation is called for. 

This documentation will be comprehensive but approachable, designed for vets and newbies alike, and we want to outline what you can expect in this post.

Easing Users in Gently

We want to start with an introduction to the ecosystem, seeing as at this point, we have a bit of a history. 

“Why did you pick Ethereum to build on?” is an example of a question we might get, from those unfamiliar with Ethereum before the days of the Great Cloggening.

So our docs now begin with a primer on what Enjin is: our platform, Beam, Jumpnet and Testnet blockchains. We also added some 101s for Ethereum and NFTs.

We’ll also have a blockchain & Enjin Platform glossary, with common terms users can expect to see across the docs and the wider community.

Intro to the Enjin Platform

We want this section to be a complete guide on how to get started with the Enjin Platform, first covering all of our products and how they interact, and then getting into some tutorial-style content.

This will cover the basics like creating your Enjin Platform account, and minting your first NFT with ENJ baked in. 

As time goes on, we hope to support these tutorials with video content on our YouTube channel as well.

Advanced Usage

Later sections of the docs will cover advanced Enjin Platform API usage, from basic requests to player & token management. 

There will be a section with an advanced guide to metadata, which we’ll constantly update as needed. This is an ever-evolving, important part of the open system of cross-game items and cross-world identity that we’re trying to build. We expect there to be major community contributions and organic standards to be developed continuously.

Our developer team is committed to adding more examples on how to use our SDKs, how to structure data, and use cases that’ll get your gears turning.

Finally, there’ll be sections for the Enjin API and EnjinX API, the latter of which is our blockchain browser, covering queries and a list of mutations that can be made to NFTs.

How Does This Connect With Efinity?

Also in the works is an Efinity wiki to serve as a community-built knowledgebase. 

The community plays a large part in bringing projects to launch, and newcomers to Enjin tools can find help from the veterans on Discord. 

We want to continue that with Efinity in a way that bakes in the community support and leverages it. To support the supporters, as it were.

Stay tuned for that, as we’ll probably flesh it out with the basics before we make it public, and we’ll invite those projects who have already been onboarded to Efinity to start making contributions.

Read the (New) Docs!
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