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December 21, 2021

Senzu World: Interactive Plant-A-Tree Game Joins Enjin

Senzu World: Interactive Plant-A-Tree Game Joins Enjin
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Meet the newest member of our Adopter Program, Senzu World, a play-and-earn game that uses virtual tree planting to reforest the world IRL.

We are beyond excited to welcome Senzu World to the Enjin and Efinity ecosystem!

Senzu World is a play-and-earn adventure RPG featuring non-fungible token (NFT) trees with a purpose.

As you plant NFTrees in the game's virtual world, you'll also make an impact on the real world—helping reforest, recover lost habitats, and support wildlife.

The Senzu World team shares our eco-conscious sentiment, donating 20% of profits generated from NFT transactions (e.g., minting or selling in-game assets) to One Tree Planted, a global reforestation organization accelerating tree-planting efforts.

As the official game of the Senzu Seeds NFT project, your Senzu World experience begins as you acquire a Senzu Seed NFT that you can plant in-game, nourishing the surrounding land and ecosystem as your tree grows.

Each Senzu Seeds NFT is unique and generates Oxygen (rank points offering NFT rewards), Leaves (in-game currency tokens) and Fruits (fungible tokens with rarities). As soon as you've planted your seed, adventure calls your name, beckoning you into a quest-filled world complete with all types of NFT creatures and hidden treasures.

All of these in-game digital assets are blockchain-based, meaning you can stack NFTs and in-game currency, crafting your unique Creature and fighting off monsters to cultivate your Senzu World.

Senzu World has chosen Enjin's comprehensive development toolset to build its NFT-powered game and offer a top-notch experience for players—with minimal environmental impact. From versatile SDKs to a powerful API and carbon-negative JumpNet blockchain, everyone benefits from user-friendly gaming experiences that support the environment instead of harming it.

"This is where Enjin and its ecosystem come into play! For all of this to work and give players the best experience, Enjin offers reliable tools that are easy to use."

With its carbon footprint and crafting features in mind, Senzu World is among the many adopters with plans to migrate to Efinity, our NFT Polkadot parachain.

Efinity will open the door to transferring the original Senzu Seeds collection from Ethereum into the eco-friendly Enjin ecosystem, thanks to its cross-chain bridge.

In addition to its reforesting efforts, Senzu World hopes to unite animal lovers worldwide, aiming to become the go-to platform for both animal and nature lovers to support each other and incubate community-driven nature projects. Senzu plans on kicking things off by offering gamers highly sought-after BAYC and Cool Cat in-game features, with more to come soon.

Senzu World is currently in Closed Beta, with plans for an updated closed beta event later this month. The first Enjin collectibles are slated to be implemented along with the Trees and Treasures NFTs in Q1 2022, as well as the addition of dungeons, community events, world bosses, and PVP tournaments in Q2.

Open Beta is on track for Q3 2022, along with the full release of Senzu World.

To learn more and follow along the Senzu World journey, join them on Twitter and Discord.

Senzu World Roadmap

The Enjin Ecosystem

Through our Adopter Program, the Enjin ecosystem has grown into a vibrant community of nearly 100 developers building innovative games, apps, and NFT projects.

When our adopters succeed, we succeed, which is why we've built a dedicated program to provide the support needed to create and launch a thriving blockchain game or app:

  • Marketing: Exposure to hundreds of thousands of Enjin community members and NFT enthusiasts.
  • Collaboration: Join a collaborative ecosystem of fellow adopters to collaborate on co-marketing campaigns, shared NFTs, and Metaverse projects.
  • Funding: Access to our strategic investment network, metaverse fund, and industry-leading technology accelerators.
  • Consulting: Explore blockchain design and mechanics with the people who pioneered the NFT industry.
  • Integration Support: Receive guidance on how to effectively use our tools and navigate the wider blockchain space.
  • Early Access: Be the first to use upcoming products, innovative features, and blockchain development tools.

Interested in helping build the decentralized metaverse? Get in touch—we'd love to learn more about what you're working on!

Senzu World: Interactive Plant-A-Tree Game Joins Enjin
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