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November 29, 2021

All the Ways to Support Efinity with Your DOT

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All the Ways to Support Efinity with Your DOT
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Voting for Efinity in the Polkadot parachain auctions is easier than ever—here's how to contribute to Efinity’s Crowdloan through exchanges, wallets, and more.

UPDATE: Efinity has won a parachain slot! Mission accomplished! The below information is now outdated and the crowdloan is over. Congrats and thank you to everyone who contributed!


It’s time for Efinity to become a Polkadot parachain, and we need your support to secure the slot!

The Efinity Crowdloan is live, so you can stake your DOT and get rewarded for your support.

For those who want to see the process visually and follow along, we’ve made the below video which goes through all the exchanges currently allowing you to support Efinity with your DOT.

It also talks about the other methods such as through our Crowdloan page, Polkadot.js, Parallel, Bifrost, and various wallets.

Keep in mind this video was made during Batch 1 -- now that we're in Batch 2, some exchanges are no longer participating. The most notable of these is Binance.

For more info and links, check the information below!

Crowdloan Rewards

  • EFI: 10% of the total EFI supply (200 million tokens) is allocated to be shared proportionally among contributors.
  • NFTs: Limited-edition NFTs from the "Degens" collection and BitBoy Crypto's Pluto Alliance will also be given to select participants.
  • Extra Rewards: Parallel Finance has teamed up with Efinity to offer extra rewards, in the form of an extra 5% EFI and additional PARA tokens. See the Parallel site for more details.

How to Contribute

Now that Efinity is going for a slot in Batch 2 of the auctions, the following exchanges are facilitating contributions:

Using an official Polkadot account, you can also contribute through these sources:

For those who contributed through Parallel in Batch 1, there's an easy option to recontribute, and this also carries an extra 25% PARA token bonus. This involves clicking the "Reinvest" button on Parallel's page.

Help Center

Have questions about the Crowdloan? We've published various support articles and FAQs regarding how to participate.

There are also detailed how-to articles with images there, so feel free to follow the step-by-step instructions with images as you go through the process.

Stay Up-to-Date

You can stay updated via our social media and community channels:

All the Ways to Support Efinity with Your DOT
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