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May 12, 2022

The Enjin Room, Ep. 12: Turbo Tokenomics ft. BlockTrucks

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The Enjin Room, Ep. 12: Turbo Tokenomics ft. BlockTrucks
Greg Quinn of BlockTrucks talks to The Enjin Room about remaking Off Road, the importance of tokenomics, and NFT games without pay-to-win.

In this episode of The Enjin Room, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate speaks with Greg Quinn, CEO of BlockTrucks, an arcade racing game influenced by Off Road.

The Enjin Room, Ep. 12: Turbo Tokenomics ft. BlockTrucks
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Episode Highlights

"I think our game developers need to open their eyes a bit, and look at the game economy design side of things, and how that can be extended with the blockchain, instead of just putting on these blinders."
  • Handling skepticism from gamers and other developers on Reddit
  • Offering meaningful NFTs without being pay-to-win
  • Allowing investors to build their own stadiums and share in the revenue those stadiums bring in
  • How that utility persists after the NFT is sold on the market
  • The importance of tokenomics in NFT games and getting it right before you launch
  • Advice for new Web3 developers
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