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May 19, 2022

The Enjin Room, Ep. 13: Multiple Chains ft. CryptoBlades

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The Enjin Room, Ep. 13: Multiple Chains ft. CryptoBlades
The Enjin Room talks to Philip Devine about CryptoBlades' success, advising on other GameFi projects, and his previous life as an athlete.

In this episode of The Enjin Room, Caleb speaks with Philip Devine, CEO at CryptoBlades. In addition to managing CryptoBlades' 1.1 million users, Devine advises projects on the difficult problem of combining competitive games with NFT economies. He's kind enough to share some of his learnings in this episode.

The Enjin Room, Ep. 13: Multiple Chains ft. CryptoBlades
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Episode Highlights

"That’s the type of thing that NFTs really have the ability to provide, is a standard for these assets so that they can be reused in other places."
  • The perspective of a long-time indie developer who's struggled for funding, and why so many of these are skeptical of the NFT space
  • Growing CryptoBlades to 1.1 million users and building on Efinity
  • Launching CryptoBlades Kingdoms
  • Common questions Devine gets when advising projects on GameFi
  • A multifaceted earnings approach to rewards
  • Finding the balance between fun, DeFi, and being the best within your genre
  • Devine's previous life as an athlete and his goal to give back to the NCAA
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