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March 3, 2022

The Enjin Room, Ep. 3: Permadeath on the Blockchain ft. 9Lives Arena

The Enjin Room, Ep. 3: Permadeath on the Blockchain ft. 9Lives Arena
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Dive into the tokenomics of arena combat and blockchain permadeath in The Enjin Room with Ralph Laemmche, CEO of Touchhour.

In this episode of The Enjin Room podcast, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate sits down with Ralph Laemmche, CEO & Producer of Touchhour.

Ralph and his team are building 9Lives Arena, a competitive online RPG featuring permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, item crafting, and a cross-platform NFT companion.

The Enjin Room, Ep. 3: Permadeath on the Blockchain ft. 9Lives Arena
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Episode Highlights

“They are afraid it will hurt them. Because they have seen big corporations in the games space selling microtransactions but in idiotic ways, in some cases. Now they see NFTs, some selling for millions of dollars, and they think ‘They want my money. They’re going to make me bankrupt.’ They don’t realize that it actually empowers them.”
  • Ralph's background as an avid gamer
  • 9Lives Arena team and joining the Enjin Ecosystem
  • 9Lives Arena's unique blockchain gameplay mechanics
  • What is an Ooogy?
  • Blueprint NFTs
  • Gamers' skepticism about NFTs
  • Ralph's advice for gamers and developers interested in blockchain
  • What is the metaverse?
  • Upcoming plans for 9Lives Arena
  • Game tokenomics
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