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Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Geographic conditional claims

Introduced a new Beam conditional claim option. You can now exclude or include specific regions or countries for Beam claims.

Enjin Beam - Quick Claim

A new Temporary Wallet feature!

Now, everyone can receive and claim assets distributed by Enjin Beam, even without having the Enjin wallet app installed.Assets that have been claimed will be kept in the Temporary wallets.

This allows users to hold onto their earned assets until they feel ready and comfortable to transition them to the Enjin wallet app.

Collection filters

Added the ability to filter collections by their category.

Collection ID Copy

Added option to quickly copy the collection ID on Collection page.

Inherit External Link

When creating a new token, the collection’s External Link will be inherited by default.

Beam syncing improvement

Beam data during high parallel Beam claim usage now provides more accurate data for Beam creators

NSFW Content Hidden

Not Safe For Work content is now hidden when not logged in.

Various UI improvements

Implemented various UI fixes involving Token Quick Actions, Trending Collections UI, Search bar, Dark Mode, and many more quality of life improvements have been implemented.


Expired Auctions

An issue where expired auctions were still visible has been fixed. Additionally, an issue preventing the cancellation of expired auctions has been resolved.

Enjin Gradient Prefooter

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