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Monday, June 10, 2024
Range Filter for Numbered Property Fields

Added a slider filter for properties containing only numbers.

USD Price Filter

Listings can now be filtered by USD price.

Greyed Out / Missing Buttons in Item Card

Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Connect" and "Add to Cart" buttons from being clicked within the item card.

Collection Activity Loading Time

Addressed an issue causing significant delays in loading the collection activity page.

Bid from Auction Notification

Fixed an issue that was preventing bidding again when clicking the bid button from the notification center.

Duplicate Pending Items in Profile

Fixed a UI issue where a pending item appeared twice in the profile's "Owned" tab.

Beam Claim History Address

Fixed an issue where the Beam creator's address was displayed instead of the claimant's address.

Updating Profile Bio

Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Save Changes" button from being clicked after updating the bio.

Listing Items Reserved for Beam

Resolved an issue that prevented listing items when some of the supply was reserved for Beam.

Creating Beam with "Allow Claim on Any Device" Option

Fixed an issue preventing the creation of a Beam with the "Allow Claim on Any Device" option enabled.

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