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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Automatic ENJ teleporting feature

A new QoL feature that automatically detects ENJ tokens transferred to managed wallets made on the Relaychain network, and automatically teleports them to the Matrixchain network. This assists in scenarios where users may mistakenly fund their managed wallets with ENJ tokens on Relaychain, instead of Matrixchain.

Accept Collection Transfer

A new mutation, AcceptCollectionTransfer, has been introduced. This is used to finalize the transfer of a collection by the new owner.

Skip Validation Parameter

A skipValidation parameter has been added to Fuel Tank and Marketplace mutations. This allows bypassing some validation tests for debugging purposes.

Fuel Tank Permissions

The WhitelistedPallet rule has been added, enabling its use when creating or editing fuel tanks.

Fuel Tank Validation

‍The dispatch validation logic has been improved, allowing dispatching from non-tank owner accounts.

Burn Mutation validation

An issue has been fixed where burning token supply using the Burn mutation failed on validation with the error The collection id provided is not owned by you. Now, it validates collection ownership only when removeTokenStorage is set to true.‍

Force Mint Function

“Force_mint” support has been added for the indexer, fixing a bug where TokenCreated events of tokens created using the force_mint extrinsic weren’t correctly handled, leading to missing data.

Websocket Events

Issues with CollectionMutated, TokenReserved, and TokenUnreserved events have been addressed. Support for the CollectionTransferred event has also been added.

Fuel Tank Names

‍An issue has been fixed where some fuel tank names were displayed in Hexadecimal format.

Beams List

An issue on the Beams List Page where additional beams wouldn’t load has been fixed.

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