October 29, 2020

Axana Games Joins Blockchain Game Alliance and Signs with Enjin

One week after joining the Blockchain Game Alliance, Axana Games has announced their adoption of the Enjin Platform for full-scale sci-fi MMO Wavelings.
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Axana Games has announced their adoption of the Enjin Platform one week after joining the Blockchain Game Alliance. The team is developing a full-scale sci-fi MMO called Wavelings that explores a blockchain-powered future free from hunger, disease, and climate change.

Set to launch in 2021, Wavelings is designed to serve as an interactive instruction manual for new cryptocurrency and blockchain users. An AI companion will guide players through the process of connecting their blockchain wallet and using it to earn in-game assets and money. Each AI will have a unique identity stored on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), enabling players to upgrade and trade it freely.

“After researching the tech and establishing the top priorities for our model and clients, Enjin became the easy choice,”said Leah Munro, CEO of Axana Games. “The Enjin ecosystem is at the forefront of modern blockchain technology and provides a suite of tools that remove potential barriers to adoption. This is invaluable and will allow us to remain focused on the business of gaming.”

Players will have the opportunity to own blockchain-based land in Wavelings, where they can build their faction and farm resources. The land will also feature advertising space where they can rent out promotional billboards and holograms that can promote real-world products, and even distribute branded NFTs with the click of a button.

Axana Games will be showcasing Wavelings at theBlockchain Game Alliance Demo Day on November 4. The demo will feature a gameplay walkthrough in the brave new world of Wavelings and showcase some of the game’s most innovative mechanics.