December 21, 2020

Atari, Enjin & The Fabricant Partner to Launch Digital Fashion Crypto Collectibles

Atari is lending its IP to digital fashion house “The Fabricant” for incorporation of fashion non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Enjin-powered blockchain games.
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Digital fashion, blockchain, and video games come together today in a world-first with the launch of a new Atari-inspired digital NFT (non-fungible token) fashion line, built using Enjin’s suite of tools based on Ethereum. In a collaboration organized by the Enjin team, the groundbreaking virtual clothing line was designed by the world’s leading digital-only fashion house, The Fabricant, utilizing IP from video game industry pioneer Atari to create blockchain-based digital garments. Additionally, the fashion NFTs can be integrated into video game projects, such as eBallR Games’ upcoming sports-themed releases for 2021, starting with the next evolution of classic soccer title, KickOff.

With clients including Puma, AAPE, Adidas and more, The Fabricant is forging a whole new realm in fashion, already having created the world’s first blockchain dress which auctioned for $9500 in May2019. The new Atari-inspired NFT digital fashion line features an outfit comprising a robe, a sports-influenced glove, and a headpiece featuring either the ‘Pluriform’ design or the ‘Atari Classic.’

As blockchain assets, the pieces will integrate across games and projects, including eBallR Games’ upcoming avatar companion app, turning user photos into a personalized cross-game digital avatar, as well as other blockchain-powered video game products, including a fantasy RPG launching in 2021 on PS5 and Minecraft servers using Enjin's blockchain SDKs and plugin. Furthermore, owners of the virtual garments can use the services of DressX to have real-life photos digitally tailored into their outfits.

“The Fabricant’s design philosophy advocates for gender diversity and inclusion in the digital fashion space, where we can transcend the limitations of the physical world,” said Amber Jae Slooten, CoFounder and Creative Director of The Fabricant. “It’s an incredible creative opportunity for us to take that sensibility into the Esports and gaming environment, to reimagine the very notion of a soccer kit in collaboration with an iconic brand like Atari. What better platform and audience to bring a broader range of self-expression than one where you can endlessly shift identities through gameplay? In the real world, soccer is played by multiple cultures whose sports garments lie outside what we’ve come to be familiar with from a Western perspective. These are the reference points we’ve drawn on for the line we’ve created. They are digital sports garments that defy the current cultural expectation, to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender expression, and which introduce the idea of a ‘pluriform’, a uniform silhouette that’s suitable for everyone, everywhere.”

Users can acquire these one-of-a-kind NFTs via the Atari Token Storefront on the OpenSea and Rarible blockchain marketplaces. NFTs will be priced in and purchasable with the Ethereum and Atari Token cryptocurrencies, and can be carried into virtual worlds using the Enjin Wallet. You can view theNFTs on the Enjin Explorer (EnjinX).