Link Your Wallet


Verify your wallet address so it can approve blockchain transactions sent from your app.


Step 1

To run processes that need to be approved by your developer wallet, you will need to link your wallet to your Developer ID. You can do this by running the following query through GraphQL Playground.

query GetIdentities($page: Int) {
  EnjinIdentities(pagination: {page: $page, limit: 50}) {
    wallet {

Using this query, should return various pieces of information that will help you with further integration, such as:

  • The App Id.
  • The Linking Code.
  • The Linking Code QR (This is rather useful, you can copy the URL of the linking code QR in a new tab, and scan with the Enjin Wallet to link your Identity ID).
  • The wallet address associated with the identity ID.
Step 2

Once you have your Linking Code, navigate to the Linked Apps section in your Enjin Wallet.

The wallet will ask you for your Linking Code.

Once you have linked your wallet to your Developer ID, you will be able to approve transaction requests that are programmatically sent from your app.

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