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Akvel Weaves Multiverse Stories Through Enjin NFTs

Akvel is a 30-something-year-old NFT creator from the historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia. He balances life as a devoted family man with a deep passion for digital art. Driven to escape the monotony of his work routine, Akvel turned to the Enjin Ecosystem to unleash his potential.

Enjin has opened up a whole world in which I can realize my potential and my ideas.
- Akvel

Through gamification and immersive storytelling, Akvel has transformed his creations—12 Cryptopunk Apes and Strange Worlds—into ecosystem favorites. Together, they account for close to 2,000 ENJ in trading volume.

Strange Worlds NFT Collection

In addition, numerous collectors and fellow Enjin creators have praised Akvel for his impressive work.

This is how Akvel created a storytelling masterpiece on Enjin.

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Finding Enjin Through NFTs

Akvel first encountered Enjin through CoinMarketCap NFTs, featuring whimsical Enjin Collections’ giraffes. This series of digital collectibles introduced countless participants to the Ecosystem.

Enjin Dapper, a previous initiative between Enjin and CoinMarketCap, allowed the latter's users to convert their platform rewards (Diamonds) into partner NFTs.

The real turning point came when Akvel downloaded the Enjin Wallet mobile application to exchange Efinity (EFI) for ENJ. This experience enhanced his familiarity with Enjin Blockchain, which had just launched on the mainnet.

From there, he dove deeper and browsed through various digital assets on NFT.io, Enjin's global NFT marketplace.

Advancing NFT Utility

Drawing inspiration from the various art on NFT.io, Akvel created his first NFT collection, utilizing Enjin Beam to distribute his tokens. While the project did not turn out as successful as envisioned, it contributed many lessons that Akvel carries today.

Design skills are not enough. You need a plan, idea, story, and even marketing

To create a successful NFT collection, collectors must be involved and constantly engaged to keep their interest. In addition, artists and founders must show up daily to help strengthen the community.

Akvel experimented with Enjin's various NFT functionalities to spice up the collector journey. Instead of claiming a Beam, holders must perform actions to get the desired NFT.

Burn Mechanics with 12 Cryptopunk Apes

Akvel implemented burn mechanics that transform a holder's NFT. A collector would need the following to complete the process:

  1. Cryptopunk Ape: Inspired by the popular game Cyberpunk 2077. These cyber-themed apes serve as the base NFT.
  2. Cryptopunk Ape STKR: From a set of fungible tokens. These stickers serve as modifiers to the base NFT.

A holder can purchase up to 4 stickers and use the burn function found in the Enjin Wallet app. Once this is done, the stickers appear on the four corners of the original NFT. Akvel highly praises the ability to edit an NFT for this artistic burn system to function.

Storytelling with Strange Worlds

The Strange Worlds collection tells the story of an explorer's journey through the multiverse. You ride on your spaceship with friends on your exploration and encounter new worlds, races, and mysterious items.

With the updated features of Enjin Beam, there are a lot of possibilities for storytelling in collections.

This immersive storytelling combines with a decreasing supply mechanic to encourage holders to join this digital adventure.

The first distribution round of Strange Worlds started with free Beams for everyone. However, for each succeeding Beam, you must have the previous one in your collection to get the next Strange Worlds NFT. Holders that missed the previous Beam must purchase it from the marketplace.

Interested collectors had to turn on notifications for Akvel's X account.

This whitelisting process also maximized Beam’s Claim Conditions. These conditions, seamlessly integrated into the Beam creation process, allow the creator to specify specific actions or digital assets holdings that a Beam claimant must satisfy.

After the free Beam distribution ended, collectors who held Degran, the final Strange Worlds Beam drop, could claim a 1/1 spaceship at a specific launch time. Phil Park obtained the spacecraft, marking the next stage for Strange Worlds.

The flight owner received five tickets and is encouraged to keep one ticket to himself or herself and sell four tickets to other collectors. Ticket holders can claim one free NFT from the Strange Worlds collection - landscape drawings, unknown alien races, or a new multiverse land.

I like the collection for so many reasons. Akvel has an unique story, which uses the Enjin technology in a great way! He is using it on different ways, and if brings fun to the Enjin Matrixchain. Every time I’m surprised about the ideas.
- Phil Park, owner of Strange Worlds' Spaceship

Flights occur regularly, but the spaceship owner must refuel the ship by obtaining a free fuel tank module NFT from Akvel.

These meticulously designed experiences have turned the NFT claim process into a social experience, which in turn contributed to Strange Worlds’ success. The NFT collection recently concluded an NFT.io auction for the 2nd spaceship.

Future Aspirations

Akvel believes in the potential of mobile gaming with blockchain and how this fusion could significantly enhance the accessibility and popularity of NFTs. However, his limited programming skills present a substantial challenge, reflecting a common barrier among creatives in the tech-heavy blockchain space. Perhaps collaborations with other Ecosystem participants would bring this vision to life.

In the meantime, Akvel remains focused on the Strange Worlds collection and surrounding this with more utility.

As for his advice to newcomers,

Don't stop if something doesn't work out for you. Your first attempts may not be successful. But we have a good community that will always support. Try to come up with something new, special, your own. Don't try to imitate someone, be creative!
Enjin has opened up a whole world in which I can realize my potential and my ideas.
Creator of Strange Worlds
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