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Elevate Your NFT Community With Alphabot’s Engagement Platform

Whether you’re a pixel artist or AI-assisted creator, Enjin Blockchain supports you with a comprehensive set of Web3 creator tools.

Enjin Beam and guaranteed on-chain royalties, aim to keep you focused on fostering your creativity and growing your community. Meanwhile, NFT.io serves as the premier NFT marketplace for you mint and market your work.

However, the innovation does not stop there. The Enjin Ecosystem works tirelessly to add partners and integrations that further support your creative needs.

Enter Alphabot, the NFT raffle tool of choice for over 18,000 Web3 communities.

Alphabot supports Enjin Blockchain alongside other large networks such as Ethereum and Solana

Alphabot has officially adopted Enjin Blockchain, allowing Ecosystem members to connect with their Enjin wallet and engage in community growth activities. The platform is perfect for scaling your community and is tailor-fitted for Web3 creators and their holders.

Ecosystem creators are invited to leverage the platform and engage their communities with countless solutions for whitelist raffles, growth marketing, and discovery.

Perfect Tool for Community Engagement

Currently integrated with Enjin Blockchain, Alphabot allows you to reward your holders with highly-curated NFT drops.

You can specify which NFT assets must be held in the Enjin wallet for a collector to be eligible for the upcoming airdrop. This way you can drive utility towards a certain NFT project. The whitelisting tool is highly customizable and includes date and time settings as well as filters to exclude previous raffle winners.

The platform’s Discord community integration also alerts community members to engage in fresh content, keeping members abreast of community news.

Ultimate Marketing Cheat-Code

For creators looking to grow their online presence, Alphabot’s platform equips you with social media whitelist requirements. This crucial feature enables you to set social media and community-based requirements.

Whenever you run your whitelist giveaway, Alphabot filters a user’s Discord or Telegram activity and prompts them to engage in designated actions. A creator can drive engagement to their X account or Discord server this way.

For example, Alphabot detects whether or not the member has liked and retweeted specified content.

Premium Discovery Platform

With millions of NFTs in the landscape, getting attention from Web3 collectors can be a challenge for many NFT creators. With Alphabot Premium, your work will be featured alongside other top-notch creations, potentially exposing you to hundreds of Web3 communities.

This may increase demand for your projects as NFT collectors trust the Alphabot project verification process.

Alphabot Enters the Enjin Ecosystem
Elevate your Enjin NFT project with the most widely used tool in Web3.
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Welcome the New Wave of Creator Tools

Enjin Blockchain’s collaboration with Alphabot is just the beginning.

An influx of Web3 creator and community tools is headed to the Ecosystem. Make sure to keep up to date and maximize the platforms coming your way!

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