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Introducing Atlas3: a New Era for Enjin NFT Discovery and Allowlists

Following the recent wave of Web3 creator tool integrations, Enjin Blockchain brings in another essential community growth platform for the Ecosystem.

Atlas3, powered by Blocksmith Labs, has adopted Enjin Blockchain and is set to trail-blaze the NFT industry by addressing critical challenges related to discovery, curation, and information dissemination.

Atlas3 is the central hub of NFT activity, providing collectors with a seamless experience in all things NFT. Discover new projects, participate in giveaways, and submit wallets for allowlists.

All Enjin NFT creators are invited to explore the platform and get discovered by countless Web3 communities.

The Rise of Atlas3

Atlas3 has integrated Enjin Blockchain and offers support for other large networks such as Base and Solana.

Blocksmith Labs, the brains behind Atlas3, carries over lessons from its highly popular NFT collections like Meegos and Smyths. These learnings have synthesized into Atlas3, making it the go-to destination for all things NFT.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Discovery Made Easy: Atlas3 provides NFT creators with valuable exposure to numerous Web3 communities. Users flock to the Atlas3 website to discover trending collections and participate in allowlist giveaways.
  2. Cross-Chain Compatibility: Atlas3 works across multiple blockchains. This cross-chain compatibility ensures that users can access NFTs from various ecosystems, including Enjin Blockchain, Solana, and more. No longer limited by a single chain, collectors can diversify their portfolios and engage with projects across the Web3 landscape.
  3. Automated Allowlists: Creators can effortlessly setup allowlist allocations without unnecessary hurdles. Allowlists play a crucial role in NFT launches, granting early access to specific projects. Users can then explore your project in the allowlist marketplace.

More Power to Enjin NFT Creators

Atlas3 offers an NFT mint calendar for Web3 communities to discover and prepare for upcoming projects.

Enjin’s Blockchain’s collaboration with Atlas3 signifies a strategic move towards enhancing the Ecosystem.

Here’s why this partnership matters:

  1. Expanded Reach: By integrating with Atlas3, Enjin Blockchain gains exposure to a broader audience. As more Enjin NFT creators utilize the platform, the Ecosystem gets exposure from Atlas3’s user base of collectors, traders, and enthusiasts actively seeking NFT opportunities. Enjin-powered projects will now be accessible to these users, potentially driving adoption and engagement.
  2. Allowlist Synergy: Enjin NFTs will benefit from Atlas3’s automated allowlist marketplace. Creators can dictate which NFTs and communities (on Enjin Blockchain or not) are eligible in the allowlist. Users can seamlessly participate in these allowlists. This streamlined process enhances user experience and encourages targeted community involvement.
  3. Community Engagement: Atlas3’s vibrant platform provides an avenue for Enjin creators to engage with NFT enthusiasts directly. Artist can share project updates, host giveaways, and foster meaningful interactions. Community-driven initiatives are essential for building trust and loyalty within the NFT space.
Atlas3 Redefines the NFT Experience
Atlas3 has integrated Enjin Blockchain and brings its impressive creator tools to the Ecosystem.
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Spotlight Your NFTs Today

The Enjin Blockchain and Atlas3 integration represents a significant improvement for Ecosystem creators. And as Atlas3 continues to grow, Enjin creators stand to benefit from more innovative tools and an expanding user and collector market.

Collectors, creators, and developers alike can look forward to more developments on the Atlas3 platform.

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