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BeamWeb Token
The main currency used for several actions within the BeamWeb ecosystem: Transfers - Pay with BET to cover transactional fees of asset transfers within BeamWeb Bot. Freeze (Coming soon) - Lock BET in your BeamWeb Bot account and be rewarded with a share of ENJ + BET from BeamWeb Treasury every week!
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BeamWeb - the Premier Rewards Hub for Enjin-based Digital Assets

BeamWeb is a new Web3 platform and reward hub built on Enjin Blockchain. Created by xProe, BeamWeb currently runs in the open alpha stage.

Built within the Telegram messaging app, BeamWeb aims to create a vibrant “web of Enjineers” - a community of users interacting with Enjin Beams.

The platform focuses on the distribution and engagement of Beams, Enjin Blockchain’s proprietary QR code-based distribution system that facilitates the mass distribution of digital assets.

Since launching in 2023, BeamWeb has seen impressive early traction, with over 1,500 users, 2,800 Beams posted, and 190,000+ reactions to those Beam posts. The platform has distributed over 3.8 million tokens.

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BeamWeb Ecosystem

BeamWeb Token (BET) is the utility token of the BeamWeb ecosystem.

Users must pay BET to cover the BeamWeb Bot’s transactional fees. The Telegram bot handles the posting and deleting of old Beams and cross-posting into other Telegram communities.

BeamWeb members can earn BET by reacting (thumbs up or down) on Beams posted within the Telegram channel. Furthermore, holders of the BeamWeb Founders Token receive an additional BET for each reaction.

BET automatically mints to users’ Managed Wallets when a Beam ends. Users posting beams may receive Lootboxes, which users can unlock. Withdrawing BET incurs a 10 BET fee, which goes to the community treasury. The treasury also receives ENJ from BeamWeb asset royalties on NFT.io, and its contents will eventually be distributed to the community.

As a future utility, users can freeze BET in their BeamWeb Bot account to earn a share of ENJ Coin rewards from the BeamWeb Ecosystem Pool every week.

Enriching Communities

BeamWeb started by building its community around Enjin Greece, an Enjin sub-community. xProe, along with fellow Greeks Georgios Milothros and Yiannis Siemos have turned the Greek community into one of the most active Beam collectors.

Beyond Greece, BeamWeb collaborates with other sub-communities, such as ENJ Beam Club, to cross-post Beams and award BET based on users’ reactions. BeamWeb has also formed strategic alliances with popular Enjin projects like WeHop to provide the former’s community with exclusive whitelists and expanded utility.

At its core, BeamWeb empowers NFT creators and collectors by extending the capabilities of Enjin’s innovative Beam system and providing an ecosystem for creators to showcase their work.

As BeamWeb progresses through its alpha phase, it will be an interesting space to watch within the broader Enjin Ecosystem.

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