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Known for his unique style and flavor, Snap Boogie's breakdance skills took him from humble street performer to America's Got Talent semi-finalist, solo NBA halftime performances, movie appearances, and beyond.

In an effort to celebrate his roots, challenge the stigmas attached to "the streets," and offer fellow performers a chance to share their passion and talents in unique ways, Snap Boogie founded Beauty in the Streets (BITS).

BITS is the realization of a vision where performers are judged not by what venue they play, but by the creativity, expression, and skill involved in their art.

After all, art is art, no matter where it takes place.

BITS allows artists to record their signature moves and share them with the world in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be sold, shared with fans, traded—and used as emotes in video games.

"Beauty in the Streets has a mission to support performing artists, enabling them to extend the connections they manifest with live audiences, in the physical world, to fans in the virtual world as well.

This is achieved by capturing their moves and moments and transforming them into NFTs, allowing artists to broaden their horizons and tap into a new dimension of innovation.”

— Cjaiilon ‘Snap Boogie’ Andrade

The first BITS tokenized emote is Snap Boogie's very own "Speedy Walkovers," a gravity-defying move that has been seen everywhere from street performances to NBA halftime shows.

Holders of this iconic token can experience the power of NFTs to bridge the physical and digital through unlockable video game content.

Seeing "Speedy Walkovers" faithfully recreated inside the virtual world of AlterVerse: Disruption is something only possible with this first-of-its-kind video game emote NFT, with the BITS platform primed to launch a variety of collaborations between performing artists and games of all kinds.

BITS is empowering artists to connect with audiences around the world on a deeper level, allowing them to experience the joy of the performance and movements endlessly, at any time.

Signature moves or acts can now be minted as tradable assets and reach a worldwide audience in the performing arts and beyond, including the massive community of dedicated gamers.

Gamers are always seeking new in-game forms of self-expression; performers are always seeking an audience.

Beauty in the Streets delivers both in a groundbreaking way.

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