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World of Bezogia, an MMORPG, unveils an expansive world with three exciting game modes: open world, Player vs Player (PvP), and First Person Shooter. In MMORPG and PvP modes, NFTs empower Bezogias with super-powered weapons, turning these cute creatures into formidable adversaries.
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Build infinite experiences and challenges in this decentralized games platform.

Much like Roblox, Bezogia is able to support an unlimited array of creator-built experiences and challenges.

Using the platform’s creator toolkit, anyone can drag and drop 3D models into dungeons or real estate and become a world builder.

This positions Bezogia as an ideal environment for creators and brands to host events, forge partnerships, and launch multiverse initiatives.

As a player in the game, you'll find yourself immersed in a variety of engaging game modes, including MMORPGs, Battle Royales, and First Person Shooters (FPS), all featuring both PvE and PvP combat.

Now live on the Epic Game Store, Android, iOS, and Windows, Bezogia invites you to embark on an endless journey, exploring the world as an adorable humanoid dog or cat, known as a Bezogi, adding a unique and charming twist to your adventure.

Behind this captivating game is ZogiLabs, the development studio that recently became a part of the Enjin ecosystem. In 2024, ZogiLabs plans to enhance the game with Enjin-powered experiences, incorporating virtual real estate and gear to enrich the gameplay further.

Powered by Enjin

Bezogia presents a distinctive opportunity to fully harness the capabilities of the Enjin Blockchain through a great product that is already live.

Dungeons & Real Estate

Players will also be able to tokenize and sell their dungeons and real estate, enabling them to build captivating experiences, build up an audience for them, and onsell them at any time.

This adds depth and personal ownership to the gameplay.

Lending & Renting

Within the game, NFTs can be lent and rented, offering owners extra utility and giving players easier access to high-value NFTs, effectively lowering the barrier to entry.

Play-to-Mint Weapons & Gear

Players in the game will have the opportunity to earn weapons and gear, which they can mint as NFTs on the Enjin Blockchain. This will foster a robust, player-driven economy that has the potential to scale towards mainstream markets.

NFT Summoning

Players also have the ability to “summon” NFTs, a process that merges two NFTs to create a third, distinct variant with its own unique properties.

Primed for Mass-Market Adoption

Bezogia stands out by eliminating the common barriers to blockchain gaming. Unlike many blockchain games that necessitate cryptocurrency and decentralized wallets, Bezogia simplifies access for all types of players.

The game is designed to appeal to both traditional Web2 gamers and Web3 enthusiasts, requiring only an email for sign-up and login.

To add variety and excitement, players can select from eight breeds of Bezogi. Each breed corresponds to a unique color and possesses distinct abilities, enriching the gameplay & collecting experience.

Start building on Enjin Blockchain. Check out the platform for developers!

Legends of Bezogia is out now on Epic Games store and mobile. Click here to download on Epic Games for free.

ZogiLabs shares a common vision with Enjin, recognizing that mass adoption of blockchain technology will be realized when gaming and platform developers can seamlessly integrate web3 without the need for expensive and complex blockchain development.
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