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Revolutionizing video content programming with Artificial Intelligence

Edge Video AI formally announces its entry into the Enjin Ecosystem by integrating Enjin NFTs into its rewards offering. Creators and collectors can look forward to this collaboration as it potentially expands demand and liquidity for Enjin NFTs.

Introducing Edge Video AI

Edge Video's QR solution as found on the Grappling Network

With the rise of streaming platforms on computers and mobile devices, video content has become a central part of daily entertainment for millions around the world.

Edge Video AI innovates the video streaming experience by integrating interactive and shoppable features directly into video content platforms. Users interact with the content through a QR code overlay, which leads to AI-powered quizzes and games.

Viewers earn points and compete against other users in real-time. An otherwise passive viewing past time turns into an interactive activity.

Improving Ecosystem Demand

This strategic collaboration between Enjin Blockchain and Edge Video AI unlocks numerous benefits for the Ecosystem:

  1. Expanding Demand and Liquidity: Edge Video drives more users to NFT.io as viewers can directly purchase in-game items and NFTs during live streams, providing game developers and creators with additional revenue streams. This approach provides an entirely new commercial layer to digital entertainment.
  2. Greater Accessibility to NFTs and Blockchain Features: This integration will make NFTs and blockchain features more accessible to a broader audience by introducing them as rewards. This will help viewers better understand the value of NFTs and Web3 gaming, encouraging participation in the Web3 economy.
  3. Greater Adoption: As Edge Video’s integration with Enjin Blockchain further solidifies Enjin Ecosystem growth and adds another valuable partner to the Collab Network. Interested parties may reach out via the private Enjin Ecosystem Slack to explore potential partnerships.
Edge Video is live with the Grappling Network
Edge Video AI brings Enjin NFTs to its rewards offering.
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Disrupting FAST Programming with AI

Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) refers to a content delivery mode that provides viewers with streaming video content at no cost. Roku TV, Xumo (by Comcast Cable), and Peacock (by NBC Universal) form part of the U.S. FAST industry, catering to 216 million monthly active users.

Edge Video recently publicized its collaboration with The Grappling Network (TGN), the number one network for all forms of grappling sports content.

TGN, available through a variety of streaming services such as Roku TV, shows Edge Video’s QR code during commercial breaks, offering a unique and exciting experience to viewers.

To deliver an engaging viewing experience, Edge Video leverages its proprietary AI technologies such as automatic speech recognition and multimodal large language models (MLLM) to create tailored viewing experiences.

AI generated quiz on the Grappling Network

The AI generates a quiz based on the current video being streamed. Similarly, the AI analyzes the video stream and recommends tailored Ecommerce products from a variety of vendors such as AliExpress, Amazon, and NordVPN.

The Future of FAST Video Content

Edge Video AI is blending elements of Web2 and Web3 technologies, using blockchain to enhance user experiences and introduce viewers to tokenized entertainment and Ecommerce. This approach is setting new standards in digital entertainment, pushing the boundaries of how audiences interact with video content.

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