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ENJ Excavators is a free-to-play hyper-casual mobile game where you mine Gems, upgrade your equipment to increase your efficiency, and compete to earn cryptocurrency rewards.
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Kepithor Studios demonstrates how to build a profitable game with Enjin Blockchain

Kepithor Studios officially rejoined the Enjin ecosystem in February 2024 with ENJ Excavators, a Free-to-Play game on Android that allows players to mine and compete for cryptocurrency rewards.

ENJ Excavators has gathered close to 2,000 players whom enjoy a hyper-casual experience while competing to win cryptocurrency prizes.

More importantly for the game studio, ENJ Excavators has also turned into a profitable title, paving the way for other independent games to accomplish the same.

Rejoining the Enjin Ecosystem

Kepithor Studios’ first mint on Enjin Blockchain. The ENJ Excavators are live on NFT.io

Now that the Enjin Blockchain is live and ready to scale, Kepithor Studios is using ENJ Excavators to explore the new and improved Enjin Ecosystem by leveraging its tools, and reintegrating themselves into the Enjin community.

The veteran game studio shocked everyone when they successfully integrated Enjin Blockchain within two hours and even contributed to Enjin documentation by writing a tutorial that would help incoming adopters do the same.

Kepithor Studios’ latest accomplishment reinforces Enjin as the go-to platform for independent game developers, offering easy-to-use and cost-effective integration tools.

We've always shared the Enjin vision of giving players true ownership by enabling free trade of their assets. Over the years we've formed a lasting bond with the Enjin community, which is why we've crafted ENJ Excavators in a way that promotes the ecosystem at scale and add utility to their favorite NFTs. Although still early days, we’ve been very impressed with the Enjin Blockchain’s usability. Integration only required two hours of coding, which is why we wanted to share our experience...

- Nick Franklin (Founder of Kepithor Studios)

Designing Engaging Gameplay

ENJ Excavators is a free-to-play hyper-casual mobile game tailored for all kinds of players.

In this exciting new title, players engage in mining Gems and upgrading their equipment to increase mining efficiency.

Players rank on a leaderboard based on the amount of Gems earned. At the end of each week, all placers win cryptocurrency prizes.

ENJ Excavators maximizes Enjin Platform’s Managed Wallet feature to store a player’s crypto prizes. Thus, a potential player does not need to have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, seedphrases, or decentralized wallets.

Once you are comfortable around blockchain technology, you may then withdraw the digital assets to your wallet.

To enhance productivity, players can use their Gems to hire workers who will automatically mine Gems or they can buy upgrades which will add boosts. Players can purchase the upgrades using supported cryptocurrencies.

The game uses these mechanics to promote cryptocurrency adoption as well as to educate players on possible blockchain-related utilities.

A key part of the game strategy is to balance the amount of Gems a player spends to upgrade their equipment with the amount in their balance that defines their place on the leaderboard. At the end of the week everything resets, including the leaderboard, Gems, and upgrades.

Bringing Multiverse NFTs to Life

ENJ Excavators is announcing its journey back into the Enjin Ecosystem with a big bang, by providing utility to all 15 Enjin Multiverse NFTs. This is sure to make the collection’s 21,000 holders very happy.

The game pays homage to thousands of Enjin community members who have been furiously collecting the Multiverse NFTs over the last 5 years.

Kepithor Games encourages all Enjin Multiverse holders to join the fun and put their cross-game NFTs to good use.

Multiverse NFTs will enhance the efficiency of the available boosters.

Each upgrade has been named after an Enjin Multiverse NFT. Purchasing an upgrade and owning the corresponding Enjin Multiverse NFT will provide you with a 10% multiplier.

This genius-level integration of interoperable NFTs not only offers tremendous utility value to Multiverse collection holders, but is also sure to generate an overwhelming sense of excitement and delight within the community.

The Lead Up to Launch

ENJ Excavators announced its launch on Enjin Blockchain in late February 2024.

Since then, Kepithor Studios has generated excitement through various marketing executions.

Web3 gamers were ecstatic.

Here is a shortlist of what the ENJ Excavators team has achieved so far:

  • Goblin Drill Squad NFT Sale (Fully Sold Out) - only 100 tokens ever in existence. Web3 players pounced on ENJ Excavators’ maiden NFT.io sale. Holding a Goblin Drill Squad in your Enjin wallet boosts your in-game Gem production by 5%.
  • Goblin Cart NFT Beam Campaign (Fully Claimed) - a 9,999 airdrop campaign performed on social media and email. Beam scan-to-claim technology demonstrated its prowess as the go-to tool for mass distribution of NFTs.
  • Extensive Media Coverage - with the aid of the Enjin ecosystem, ENJ Excavators generated over 100,000 impressions on social media such as X, Discord, Reddit, and Telegram. Multiple publications picked up the news.

With the success of these initiatives, Enjin Blockchain shows its power as an ecosystem for independent game developers to launch innovative growth campaigns.

The Path to Profitability

The game studio utilized Kingdom Karnage Clickers, their already existing game, and adapted the mobile app’s design for the Enjin community. More importantly, with Enjin Blockchain’s developer friendly solutions, the game studio achieved blockchain integration in record time.

Given the minimal fixed costs of game creation and Web3 integration, Kepithor Studios focused on bringing in sustainable revenue for the game. Their business model relied on both Web2 and Web3 revenue streams:

  • Traditional Advertising: Players can view in-game advertisements in order to gain a gem mining boost. In addition, streaming banners at the bottom of the mobile app provided another revenue channel.
  • NFT Sales: Within 2 weeks of the game’s launch, ENJ Excavators offered Goblin Drill NFTs to the initial player base. The 1,000 supply collection equipped players with a 10% gem mining boost which could be compounded as more NFTs were held. Both Goblin Drill Squad and Goblin Drill generated approximately 31,000 ENJ from the offering.
  • NFT Royalties: The entire ENJ Excavators NFT collection carries a 10% creator royalty. Anytime an item is traded within NFT.io or any marketplace on Enjin Blockchain, Kepithor Studios gains a percentage. As of writing, the collection has generated a trade volume of 54,000 ENJ.

It is hard to believe how ENJ Excavators went from game redesign to profitability within 5 weeks of its launch. And all of this would not have been possible without a quick and easy Web3 integration which allowed Kepithor Studios to save on precious development time.

ENJ Excavators is a testament to how independent game studios can integrate Web3 elements with Enjin Blockchain and increase their chances of success.

About Kepithor Studios

Since joining Enjin’s Early Adopter Program in November 2018, Kepithor Studios has delighted players with their cutting-edge Web3 games.

The gaming studio’s initial release, Kingdom Karnage, fully embraced the formative Enjin Platform that pioneered Web3 gaming on Ethereum between 2018 and 2020.

Known for its unique blockchain-enabled gameplay and mechanics, players actively engaged in peer-to-peer trading of boosts and cards, contributing to a thriving in-game player economy.

Following the success of Kingdom Karnage, Kepithor Studios introduced Kingdom Karnage: Heroes, a free-to-play mobile strategy game. They also launched Kingdom Karnage: Clicker, a hyper-casual mining game.

ENJ Excavators is out now on Google Play! Download the game and unearth the rewards that await you!

Start building on Enjin Blockchain. Check out the platform for developers!

As one of the original Enjin adopters, we've always shared the Enjin vision of giving players true ownership by enabling free trade of their assets. Over the years we've formed a lasting bond with Enjin's collectors and players, which is why we've crafted ENJ Excavators in a way that promotes the ecosystem at scale, add utility to their favorite NFTs, while offering free-to-earn Enjin Coin rewards for playing.- Nick Franklin (Founder of Kepithor Studios)
Nick Franklin
Founder of Kepithor Studios
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