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In a future where the lines blur between physical and digital, authenticity is key. Welcome to Pocket Ducks: groundbreaking NFT-backed collectibles reshaping fashion and tech.
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Seamlessly Integrating Technolgy and Fashion Using RFID-Powered NFTs

New York Culture Club (NYCC) is revolutionizing the fashion industry by seamlessly integrating technology into style, offering a lifestyle brand that celebrates personal expression in an increasingly interconnected world.

As a digital sister company of Parallel Worlds, NYCC carries a host of technological solutions that span RFID/NFC technologies, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, and various blockchain solutions such as NFTs.

NYCC has recently joined the Enjin Ecosystem and will leverage Enjin Blockchain’s cutting-edge tools to create an unforgettable digital experience at the 2024 NFT NYC festival.

Users can simply scan NYCC’s Near Field Communication (NFC)-backed item and receive an NFT-based Certificate of Authenticity through Enjin Beam.

Join the fun from April 3 to 5, 2024, in Times Square and Hudson Yards for a glimpse into the future of fashion.

Redefining Fashion with Technology

New York Culture Club's forward-thinking approach encompasses a robust tech stack that offers authentication, loyalty & rewards, and transparency solutions.

The company's groundbreaking work has appeared on major publications such as Forbes, shining a spotlight on NYCC's achievements during the September 2023 New York Fashion Week.

NYCC made a splash in NY Fashion Week with its Amplify You collection.

The collection, made of 8 unique fashion pieces discreetly embedded with NFC chips, revealed an AR version of the fashion item when scanned.

Each interaction with the digital version rewarded the dress owner with redeemable rewards, adding an exciting layer of engagement to the fashion experience. Rewards are redeemed in store.

The company also unveiled its Smart Nail Chip, an NFC-based calling card that seamlessly fits upon one’s nail. Perfect for influencers and people on the move, a tap of the nail chip near a mobile phone adds your contact data to the address book.

Turning Heads with Enjin Beam

At NFT NYC, New York Culture Club will premier the next evolution in the future of authenticity and gamified-collectibles: a blockchain-authenticated physical patch known as Pocket Ducks.

The collectibles, designed by New York-based artist and tech entrepreneur Lily Primamore, are made with velcro. Buyers can strategically place the Pocket Ducks on fashion items and accessories.

The public launch of Pocket Ducks perfectly coincides with Enjin Blockchain’s enhanced Beam-claiming experience, offering enthusiasts an immersive journey into the world of blockchain-authenticated fashion.

Whenever an NFC-enabled mobile device interacts with the patch, Enjin Blockchain technology verifies the physical item with a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

Here’s how that process fully plays out:

  1. User purchases the Pocket Duck.
  2. User taps the Pocket Duck onto an NFC enabled mobile phone.
  3. Website prompt appears on the mobile phone.
  4. User claims his/her NFT with 1-click.
  5. Users can save their NFT to email or directly to Enjin Wallet.
  6. If done via email, user gets a code.
  7. When the user downloads Enjin Wallet, they input the code and receive their NFT.

With Temporary Wallets New York Culture Club onboards people onto Web3 in a seamless and less-daunting manner. Once users are comfortable around Web3, the Certificate of Authenticity is claimed through the Enjin Wallet.

Such collaborations illustrate how Enjin Blockchain has become the network of choice for easily onboarding the masses to Web3.

The Future of Fashion is Now

New York Culture Club seeks to redefine the fashion industry with its proprietary technology. By integrating Enjin Blockchain, NYCC takes this a step further by leveraging the best that blockchain has to offer.

The NFT NYC event is just the beginning. With the ever blending of physical and digital experiences, NYCC stands to reap the benefits from its tech innovations.

Join New York Culture Club from April 3 to 5, 2024 at NFT NYC and glimpse into the future of fashion.

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