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Sonate uses Beams to teach Japanese to the Enjin community

My Enjin journey helped me expand my world, dared me to embrace new technology.

Meet Sonate, a passionate NFT creator hailing from the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He expresses his love for the arts and painting through NFTs.

You might have come across his elegant anime artworks regularly filling the X timeline (formerly Twitter). These creations are more than just art, however.

Mugen Tsukuyomi Efinity, by Sonate

By releasing Japanese-inspired NFTs, Sonate aims to eventually teach others Japanese language and culture. A fluent Japanese speaker himself, Sonate has planned an NFT collection that is sure to get you speaking Japanese in no time.

Aside from language education, the Vietnamese creator also sports a fondness for the game of Chess which he hopes to spread awareness through a future NFT collection.

Stumbling Onto Enjin

Sonate’s journey with Enjin began in 2021 as an ENJ token holder and member of official Enjin Facebook and Telegram groups. From here Sonate discovered Enjin Beam (the QR code NFT distribution technology) and NFTs.

Eve the Enchantress, by Enjin

Sonate claimed his very first NFT via Beam. Eve the Enchantress is a Halloween-inspired artwork created to introduce newcomers to the Web3 space.

The joy of owning a piece of digital art left a lasting impression, inspiring Sonate to imagine his own paintings featured in the same way one day. This desire drove him to X (then called Twitter) to seek advice on how to create his own NFT collections.

The Power of the Enjin Community

Like most first time creators, Sonate was hesitant and unsure whether people would like his NFTs or not.

His first ever Beam creation was a Japanese-number instructional picture which contained many text features.

Japanese numericals, by Sonate

The Enjin community gave him a warm welcome and encouraged him to launch more NFTs with improved artwork. Aside from feedback and motivation, Sonate has also engaged in valuable collaborations with his fellow Enjineers.

Through NFT Enterprise, a social platform by Fungible Chris that features Enjin community artists, Sonate reached a wider audience than possible individually. In addition, his strong bonds with other creators have produced a positive environment where anyone can relax and vibe.

Harnessing Enjin Beam’s Potential

Ever since Sonate claimed his first NFT through Beam, he’s had a strong desire to create his own Beams one day.

I want to send thousand of Japanese and Chess NFTs to everyone, which is only possible through Enjin Beam. No other NFT platforms can do that.

Safe to say, his vision has turned into a reality. Since his first NFT mint last June 2022, he has released 8 collections on NFT.io.

The Enjin community has fondly supported his work.

Sonate’s Mugen Tsukuyomi Efinity collection has become popular with over 3,000 ENJ in trading volume (including pre-migration volume). You can also regularly find the Vietnam-based artist’s work ranking highly on NFT.io’s trending leaderboard.

Japanese educational NFT, by Sonate

Peering into the future, Sonate sees how Beam can disrupt traditional Web2 industries. Rather than think of Beam solely as a digital asset distribution mechanism, one can treat the QR code technology as a new way of marketing.

Companies can utilize this technology to send discount vouchers, product/company introductions, membership rewards…etc. Imagine you watch an advertisement on Youtube, and at the end is a QR code, which you can scan and get a 30% discount on their latest product launch.

Glimpse Into the Future

For Sonate, the road ahead is bright and filled with the power of community. He intends to continue down the artist’s path and collaborate with Enjin artist’s for his Japanese collection.

As for his advice to new Enjineers:

Don’t hesitate. Just take the first step, download Enjin wallet, and you will explore a whole new world.
I felt so happy when owning my first NFT. The user interface of the Enjin Wallet app brought me the feeling of owning it, a piece of art and I wanted to see my painting displayed there one day.
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