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Spitfire founded ENJ Beam Club, a community-driven Telegram group for everyone who is hyped in NFTs, Enjin Beams and gaming.

“Join our ENJ Beam Club and let yourself be inspired.”
Multiple beam campaigns as seen on ENJ Beam Club

Four years ago, Spitfire, received an idea that would shape his trajectory in the years to come. The reality that players could assert true ownership of all-in game assets was sown in his mind.

“This was all completely new to me back then and apart from the name, I had absolutely nothing to do with the term "NFT ", recalled the 34 year old Information Technology (IT) Specialist.

From that moment, Spitfie would embark on an adventure that would lead him to create ENJ Beam Club.

A thriving community of over 1,100 members, the Telegram group buzzes daily as its members gather to acquire collectibles from Beams - Enjin’s QR code-based distribution system that facilitates mass distribution of digital assets.

In this group, ”...sometimes the fastest fingers just aren’t fast enough,” Spitfire proclaimed.

Down the Rabbit Hole

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You take the red pill, you stay in Enjin-land and I show you how deep this NFT rabbit hole goes,” said probably no one.

Yet, this is how the Enjin story of Spitfire begins.

In March 2019, a colleague introduced the Beam Club founder to Lost Relics, a hack and slash dungeon game powered by Enjin.

Being in the IT industry, Spitfire’s curiosity bloomed with these technological developments. He slowly made his way to Enjin Twitter (now X) Spaces and collected his first non-fungible token (NFT) via a giveaway.

Blockchain Gaming - Spitfire’s first ever NFT, received from an Enjin giveaway.

Prior to Lost Relics, Spitfire had played World of Warcraft (a popular online role-playing game) in a guild for many years, ruling over the game servers as a holy priest. He loved games and had grown up playing the GameBoy and Tetris.

It was only natural for a game to bring him deeper into NFTs.

“What inspired me then and now was the ease of use of the Enjin wallet and Enjinx (the predecessor to NFT.io). Back then, Cliff found a perfect way to harmonize Enjin and Lost Relics (note: Cliff Crawley was the creator of the game).”
The iconic Lost Relics game which onboarded many gamers to blockchain games.

Aside from Lost Relics, Spitfire dived into other Enjin ecosystem games such as  Kingdom Karnage, Forest Knight, and Bitcoin Hodler. “The thought of a functioning multiverse of different games made my heart beat faster,” he recalled.

Though the reality of the game-multiverse is more complex than imagined, Spitfire enjoyed the gaming experience and quickly got along with other Enjin community members. This led him to join the Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB), a community where members played and supported each other in all Enjin powered games.

Selected badges from the MvB Collection.

On a side note: Etay, now manning Enjin Support, was one of the founding members of MvB.

Wandering Further Into Enjin’s Realms

Spitfire always had the best of the players and community in mind.

He created wikis and in-game maps for Lost Relics and other Enjin-powered games. He also took an active role in the official Enjin Telegram chat where he helped members with advice and possible solutions. In turn, the community took notice.

Lost Relics in-game map as created by Spitfire.

Spitfire has become known as an “OG” or one of the community leaders from his earlier days.

As of writing, he has been an official Enjin moderator for 2 years and dedicates time to assist community members with their questions. He also monitors the channels hourly to ensure security for all members.

“It gives me great pleasure to be a moderator on the Enjin Telegram Channel. It is my personal concern to help users quickly and satisfactorily with questions or problems,” he proudly said.

Throughout his journey, Spitfire encountered fascinating people from the community with whom he regularly exchanged ideas with:

  • Scottie -  one half of the legendary Enjin couple Scottie & Tasha, creators of the Bad Bears community
  • Tokra - otherwise known as Steven Dutenhoefner whom Spitfire first encountered in the Lost Relics Discord server.
  • Chris - an exceptional Enjin community manager.
  • George Miller - who continuously promoted Enjin and ENJ Beam Club on X; and
  • Xproe - an Enjin community member from Greece who developed a Telegram bot for the ENJ Beam Club.

These relationships would serve as valuable resources for the launch of Spitfire’s own community and would later develop into good friends.

Snapshot of  Spitfire’s NFT.io assets, consisting of works from friends in the Enjin community.
“From the beginning until today I got to know a lot of great people from the community…”

Creating ENJ Beam Club

With the debut of NFT.io (Enjin’s NFT marketplace) and the public unveiling of Beam, the Enjin community sprung into action, scouring the online world to create and collect free beams.

Everyone was enthusiastic about the beam feature and diligently created free beams for the community. In the first few days after the release, I felt the energy of our "old" community again, which I last felt a few years ago.

“Even technically inexperienced people can easily create a new NFT project via NFTio and then distribute it directly to their fans via Beam.”

Beta Treasure - Spitfire’s first creation on NFT.io.

Spitfire, inspired by the community’s excitement, founded the ENJ Beam Club.

...there is now ONE place where almost all QR Beams can be claimed immediately after publication.

Initially serving as a hub for Beam enthusiasts, the Telegram group eventually fostered a spirit of collaboration that spanned global Enjin communities.

BeamHubBot in action in the ENJ Beam Club
Xproe (from the Enjin Greece community) gave us the opportunity to integrate the BeamHubBot. This bot shows our users how many claims are left and if the beam is ended. There is also the option of cross-posting with the bot, so beams can be posted in different groups and then appear in each linked group.

Alongside ENJ Beam Club’s growth, Spitfire began to undergo his own transformation. His love for the community ignited a fire which propelled him to produce NFTs. “Our first NFT was the ENJ Beam Club Logo, to let the community know, here we are,” he said.

ENJ Beam Club Collection on NFT.io.

Spitfire orchestrated succeeding Beam campaigns, whether they entailed commemorating Telegram membership milestones, or Beams as tokens of appreciation to supportive communities.

Zeus - Guardian of the Sky NFT on NFT.io, inspired by Enjin Greece.

Looking ahead, Spitfire carries bigger aspirations for the ENJ Beam Club.

It aims to be a premium group where all members can always find the best and most up-to-date information from the Enjin space.

To enable this vision, he introduced the Founders Token - an NFT designed to empower the community. The NFT comes with a diverse plan of community-centric use cases such as airdrops, collaborations, and additional utility to the BeamHubBot.

The Founders Token, on NFT.io.

For anyone looking to enter the NFT space, Spitfire’s story should serve as a guide. By keeping an open-minded perspective and consistently delivering value to others, one will uncover the wonders of this revolutionary industry.

Don't be afraid and just try it out. The Enjin community will welcome you with open arms.
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