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Explore creating and building in the Enjin Ecosystem with Steven. Witness the community's impact on Web3.

“I like creating NFTs and it makes me happy to make other people happy.”

When it comes to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), most people would be held back. The technology comes across as complex and mostly for tech-savvy humans. Steven Dutenhoefner, a 42-year old father and gamer from Germany, is breaking this notion.

A Gamer's Artistic Journey

Steven relates to most people. He’s a loving husband and father, with a penchant for games, computer case modding, and e-cigarettes. But he’s made the time to learn new technologies and engage with online communities. “...If you believe it or not, I have a wife and a child. They need a lot of my time. My hobbies happen right on my computer - way too often, I'd argue...”

Despite not being a blockchain expert, Steven's love for gaming and digital art has led him to discover the world of NFTs. He can be found in Discord channels, Telegram groups and more recently on X (formerly known as Twitter) - where he’s growing a following by creating computer-generated NFTs. Steven distributes these NFTs through Beam - Enjin’s QR code-based distribution system that facilitates mass distribution of digital assets.

Interested parties can scan the Beam QR code and will be directed to claim and receive the NFT. His artistic campaign has been effective in engaging the Enjin community and in building his first 1,000 followers on the social media platform.

Steven, distributing NFTs on X via Beam.

Steven's enthusiasm and openness make him one of many ideal candidates for connecting with other NFT enthusiasts, fostering new relationships, and working on exciting collaborations.

Discovering Enjin’s NFT Universe

A gamer since he was a child, Steven was introduced to NFTs by games and got hooked deeper through Enjin-powered games like Lost Relics.

“I play computer (online) games since I'm 6 years old. From Nintendo and PlayStation 1 to the Computer, but one day the time of NFTs arrived. Ever since, I cannot play other games than NFT ones anymore,” Steven said.

Lost Relics, a hack and slash dungeon game powered by Enjin.

The presence and integration of NFTs within these games sparked Steven's curiosity and opened his eyes to the broader possibilities of the Enjin ecosystem. Through participating in Beam campaigns, Steven acquired one of more than 10,000 N-Chips, which unlocked beta access to NFT.io, Enjin’s NFT marketplace.

The network’s affordability also played a role in fostering his new found interest, “Enjin's Jumpnet low fees made NFT.io very exciting. That's why I got myself an N-Chip...” (Note: JumpNet is an Enjin Ethereum sidechain that preceded Enjin Blockchain)

Steven’s verified profile on NFT.io

With his relentless activity on the NFT marketplace, Steven naturally registered for verification and received the purple badge.

“Verification on NFT.io with the purple check mark is a significant milestone for any artist. It reinforces community trust and enables us to proudly showcase our unique works securely and successfully,”

Building Connections and Embracing Community

As Steven delved deeper into the Enjin ecosystem, he discovered a welcoming community of like-minded individuals. Online connections with fellow enthusiasts such as Scottie and Spitfire became valuable sources of support and camaraderie. These connections allowed Steven to share his passion for NFTs and gaming in a supportive environment.

A vibrant community also makes understanding the technology much easier. While Steven is now a highly-active user of NFT.io and Beam, he did not start out so proficiently, “...One day, I talked to Spitfire as well as Chris and Etay (Note: Moderators in the Enjin Telegram channel) and they helped me a lot. Of course we also shouldn't forget that bugs and issues are normal in Beta phases, but there was always a solution. Over time, I got a lot of followers who're always by my side today.”

The Enjin community's support and encouragement go beyond potential gains or reaching wider audiences. Steven finds joy in being part of a community that values collaboration and appreciates his artistic endeavors. “...To be completely honest, I like creating NFTs and it makes me happy to make other people happy. It's so amazing that my followers love my NFTs so much!”

Steven, engaging with community members on X

Surprising Reach and Ongoing Creativity:

Steven continues to be amazed by the remarkable reach and impact his digital art seems to achieve within the Enjin ecosystem. The overwhelming response from the community fuels his creativity and motivates him to push the boundaries of his artistic abilities.

“...In the beginning, I started to create an image just for fun, then I got into AI [Artificial Intelligence] and thought that I could use it to create NFTs. I never thought that anyone would like them..“

One can say that Steven is at the forefront of technology, using Artificial Intelligence to create images on the blockchain. “Yes, I make use of AI - sometimes you're just thinking and get an idea for an image, and then you let the AI bring it to life and so on. I think I've already created more than 30,000 images. A lot of them are trash except for 50 to 60 useful ones...” Steven narrated. But he’s not relying solely on the tech. Behind the beautiful images, is a rich storyline. Each NFT collection comes with a write-up, bringing each image to life.

Steven’s creation - Seraphina, with its accompanying story on NFT.io

Through multiple Beam campaigns, his creations found their way into countless Enjin Wallets. The speed and efficiency of Beam allowed Steven to effortlessly connect with other community members. Not only is the gamer-artist engaging the Enjin community, he’s also making a name for himself on X.

A snapshot of Steven’s NFTs for sale on NFT.io

“...Initially, I thought 500 followers would be a lot. Now, I almost got 1,000 and my community is growing every day - my goal is achieved once I hit 1,000 [followers].”

As Steven explores new artistic horizons, he remains grateful for the support he has received and eagerly looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Looking ahead, Steven has an interest in understanding the legal framework surrounding NFTs. He ponders the acceptability of not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content and contemplates how future automated systems could determine appropriateness.

He also contemplates NFTs’ potential in various industries. He wonders how ready people, especially older generations, are to embrace NFTs and integrate them into different sectors. These ponderings reflect the ongoing evolution of NFTs and the exciting possibilities that await in the realm of digital ownership.

Let's see what will follow!

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