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Efinity Token (EFI)

Fuel for the open Metaverse

EFI is designed to reward and empower the creators and explorers of the decentralized Metaverse.

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What is Efinity?

Fueled by EFI, Efinity is a Polkadot parachain purpose-built for NFTs. It's designed to make the Metaverse accessible, infinitely scalable, and decentralized.

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Efinity Token (EFI)

The First Paratoken

EFI is based on the Paratoken Standard, a new standard for interoperable, cross-chain tokens—across the entire Polkadot ecosystem, and even external blockchains.

Transaction Fees

EFI is the core utility token on Efinity—it's used to pay for transferring, bridging, and trading tokens.


Everyone who participates in the Efinity network—from collators who help maintain it, to users that trade or bid on NFTs—is rewarded with EFI.


Every EFI token holder can submit and vote on governance proposals directly in their wallet to help steer the future of Efinity.

Efinity Token (EFI) and Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Dual tokens

EFI and ENJ work in unison, each serving a core purpose within the Enjin ecosystem.

While EFI is designed to fuel a decentralized Metaverse, ENJ is used to infuse digital assets like NFTs.

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