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February 16, 2021

Blockchain Characters & NPCs

What are blockchain characters and NPCs? Learn more about them here.

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Blockchain Characters

A blockchain character is a player-owned in-game character that can have some or all of its data (e.g., character level and/or variables that impact in-game stats) stored on the blockchain.

Blockchain NPCs

A blockchain non-player character (NPC) is a blockchain asset that can be owned by players or own itself.

There can be two types of blockchain NPCs:

  • Player-Owned: Mounts, slaves, mercenaries—anything that’s truly owned by the player and kept in their wallet.
  • Autonomous: A somewhat experimental type of NPC that has its own blockchain wallet, owns itself, and can earn Enjin Coin and use it to trade, hire other players or NPCs, and/or upgrade itself.

Multiverse NPC is a sub-category of autonomous blockchain NPCs.

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