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December 8, 2021

How to Check your Crowdloan Contributions

Learn how to find your contributions to the Efinity crowdloan

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Thank you for contributing to the Efinity Crowdloan. We appreciate your support!

To check your contributions to the Crowdloan, follow  the steps below.

Please note that, this is only applicable if you have participated through our Official Crowdloan page or via the Polkadot.js extension.

Checking Your Contribution on Subscan

Step 1

Go to Subscan (polkadot.subscan.io) and search the Polkadot wallet address that you used for your contribution.

Polkadot addresses always start with the number 1.

Step 2

On your wallet transaction history, click the Extrinsic Hash of a transaction that is classified as a “crowdloan (contribute)”. You will see this under the 'Action' column. This is how you determine your latest contributions with this particular action.

Step 3

On the extrinsic hash page, you can check the time and status of your DOT contribution.

You will also be able to see the 'Call' section, which should display as 'Contribute.'

Step 4

To verify even further, you can check the 'Parameters' section on your contribution transaction hash. To confirm your contribution was made for Efinity, the 'Index' should have a value of “2021". This is Efinity’s global ID on the Polkadot network.

  • Index: Efinity's Project ID is 2021.
  • Value: The amount of DOT you have contributed.

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