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May 12, 2021

Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

Find out how you can stay safe by learning common crypto scams and knowing how to avoid them.

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Tassio Rafael
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The crypto world is unfortunately ripe with scammers, impersonators, and bots trying to get a hold of your funds and wallets. Phishing and other methods are the most common in the crypto space, aiming to steal your personal information and crypto funds.

It's imperative for us, to raise as much awareness as possible about the ever-expanding crypto-threats and common crypto scams so you can stay safe.

In all of the crypto scams out there, a common action that scammers or bots will do, is ask for your Recovery Phrase (your essential 12-word passphrase).

Never share your Recovery Phrase (your 12-words) with anyone! We always recommend going with the pen and paper approach: note down your words on paper, and store it somewhere safe.

Enjin Support will never contact you through Telegram DMs, or on any other social media platform. To contact official Enjin Support, please send us an email at support@enjin.io or send us a ticket.

Common Scam Examples

1. Telegram Impersonators

Telegram is notorious for having the most crypto scams, and phishing attempts out there. Scammers on Telegram will often impersonate admins or community members of a crypto group/channel to pretend they are the official admins/support.

As part of their technique, they will usually impersonate Enjin Support team members claiming to be them. Note, Enjin Support or Enjin team members will never reach out to you on Telegram, and they will never ask for your personal details. The only official way of contacting Enjin Support, is through email (support@enjin.io) or via ticket.

To easily identify if you are being scammed on Telegram, they will ask you one of the following:

  • Your Recovery Phrase;
  • Fill out a Google Form;
  • Redirect to a suspicious website.

Note: Never send your Recovery Phrase to anyone! Enjin will never ask you to input sensitive information on a form, website, or elsewhere.

We recommend when being contacted by an unknown user or bot on Telegram, to do the following:

1. Block and report the user/bot. "BLOCK USER".

2. Do not entertain the conversation or provide them with any of your information.

3. Always remain alert and stay vigilant.

Example Crypto Telegram Scammers

With common scammers and impersonators on Telegram, we have also seen an increase in fake Enjin group channels on Telegram, with the intention of luring you in to join the fake channel to promote fake giveaways and 'free' tokens.

Enjin only has two official channels on Telegram:

To easily identify our channels, we have verified stars 🌟 indicating that our channels have been verified and approved by the Telegram team.


Fake Enjin group channels will not have a verified tag, and thus are not official by Enjin.

Here are a few examples:

Fake Enjin group Telegram channels

To protect yourself from being added and lured into fake crypto group channels, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Go to your Telegram "Settings".
  2. Tap on "Privacy and Security".
  3. Tap on "Groups".
  4. Enable "My Contacts".
  5. This will ensure that only your contacts can add you to groups.

Note, Enjin does not host any giveaways outside of our official channels. Please stay alert and vigilant. If ever in doubt, please reach out to our official Enjin Support team.

2. Enjin Phishing Websites

This particular scam aims to lure you into believing you are accessing our official website - to trick you into sending your funds or providing them with your Recovery Phrase. We always recommend double-checking the website you are viewing.

Enjin's only official website will always start with enjin.io as our main domain.  We recommend bookmarking the official Enjin website to ensure that you are always accessing the correct website.

To easily identify if a website is indeed fake and is a malicious phishing website, they will usually add a different subdomain in front of the enjin.io domain.

Fake Enjin Website

Note, Enjin will never ask for your Recovery Phrase, nor ask for any funds or tokens from you. If you are being asked for your Recovery Phrase or for your funds, you are being scammed.

3. Fake Enjin Booster packs

We have seen an increase in fake Enjin Booster packs. They will ask you to scan a QR code, and link your wallet to their project. After linking, scammers will request you to send ETH, ENJ or any other token in order to 'open' your Booster pack.

To easily identify if you are being scammed through this technique:

  1. They will ask you for funds/your tokens;
  2. Note: Enjin will never ask you for your funds.
  3. They will ask you to link your wallet to an unknown project;
  4. Any project titled as "Booster pack" is fake.
Fake Booster Pack Project

Official Enjin Social Media

Official Enjin Website - enjin.io

Facebook - facebook.com/enjinsocial

Twitter - twitter.com/enjin

Instagram - instagram.com/enjin

Youtube - youtube.com/enjintv

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/company/enjin

Reddit - reddit.com/r/EnjinCoin

Discord - enj.in/discord

A Final Reminder...

  1. Enjin will NEVER ask you for your funds, crypto, personal details or your Recovery Phrase!
  2. NEVER send your Recovery Phrase to anyone! Additionally, never store your Recovery Phrase on a digital device, always go with the pen and paper approach.
  3. Enjin Support and/or Enjin Team Members will NEVER reach out to you first. Enjin Support will only provide assistance via email/ticket.
  4. Enjin's official channels are verified with a blue tick. Any channels that DO NOT have this, is fake.
  5. Enjin will NEVER add you to any group channels.
  6. If it's too good to be true, it's likely a scam - do not fall under these scam attempts.
  7. Stay alert, vigilant and ensure you always do your own research. Always double check usernames and group channel names.
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