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February 3, 2021

Common Enjin Wallet User Prompts

Explanations and solutions for common Enjin Wallet user prompts and errors.

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Could Not Connect to Server: You are currently using an outdated version of the Enjin Wallet app. To resolve this issue, update to the latest version via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Not Enough ETH Balance to Pay Fee: A small amount of Ether (ETH) is needed for sending any ERC-20 token transactions—this is a requirement due to the token being on the Ethereum blockchain. To resolve this issue, add ETH to your wallet.

Error 66: insufficient priority. code:- 26: The transaction fee is too low for your Bitcoin/Litecoin transfer. To resolve this and successfully complete your transfer, raise the sending ("dust") fee.

Storage Access Is Required for this Action: This prompt occurs while scanning a QR code and means you have not yet allowed the Enjin Wallet access to storage and camera permissions. To proceed with scanning the QR, enable camera and storage permissions via your mobile device settings.

'Invalid Address' when sending LTC to an address starting with 'M': A Litecoin address starting with the 'M' prefix is a SegWit wallet address and is not currently supported in the Enjin Wallet. Support for SegWit wallet addresses will be implemented in the future.

Could Not Load Wallet Storage: This prompt can occur if you have changed your device password or if your device encryption method has changed due to a system update. To resolve this issue, reinstall the app and import your wallet using your 12-word Recovery Phrase.

The following transaction is likely to fail for the following reason: gas required exceeds allowance/reverted transaction: This prompt appears when you are trying to send a transaction that is likely going to fail due to low gas fee or gas limit. To resolve this, you will need to increase the fee or limit to proceed with your transaction.

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