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February 11, 2021

Creating Your First Blockchain Asset

Learn how to set up your first blockchain asset for minting.

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Creating an asset is like an initial setup; you're not actually deploying any assets on the blockchain, but rather defining their various values—from simple information like the asset name and image, to complex variables like transfer fee types.

Navigate to the Assets tab within the project you wish to use to create the assets under. This tab lists all assets created under a particular project, as well as important information about the created assets.

By clicking "Create Asset," you will be taken to the main Enjin Platform panel, where you can begin creating assets.

Note: You will need Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet to create the asset. Ensure you have sufficient quantities of both to cover the amount needed for your asset.

Here is some helpful information that will assist you in creating your asset:

  • Asset Name: Select a name for your asset between 1-255 characters long.
  • Maximum Total Supply: Select the total supply for your asset.
  • Note: If you select the "Infinite" Supply Model, the maximum total supply will be set as "Infinity."
  • ENJ Value Per Asset: Select the amount of ENJ you wish to back each asset with (e.g., if you are minting 100 tokens with an ENJ backing set to 5 ENJ, the total ENJ amount required would be 500).
  • % ENJ Returned on Asset Melt (optional): If you would like a portion of the ENJ to be returned to you when someone melts the asset, you can specify a percentage (%) of ENJ to be sent.
  • Note: This value can be set only up to 50% of the total value.
  • Asset Type: Choose whether you want your asset to be a Fungible Token (FT) or a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).
  • Supply Model: Specify a supply model for your asset (fixed, settable, infinite, collapsing, annual value, or annual percentage).
  • Transferable: Choose whether you want the asset to be always transferable, temporarily transferable, or bound to the address.
  • Transfer Fee Type (optional): If you would like to set a transfer fee for whenever the asset is sent to a different wallet address, you can choose from the following fee types: per transfer, per crypto item, ratio cut, or ratio extra.

The Starting Supply section is where you will first define a starting point of how many assets you will create, and will indicate the ENj required for the designated supply.

You can learn more about each option by hovering over the (?) icon.

After clicking "Create Asset," you will receive a pop-up prompting you to accept the asset creation request in your wallet.

Note: If you receive an error upon creating your asset, it may be because you have not yet linked your project to your wallet.

Under the wallet "Requests" tab, accept the asset creation request by pressing "Confirm Create."

Once the transaction has completed on the blockchain, the asset will appear on the main Asset List.

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