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June 2, 2021

How do I increase JumpNet limits?

Learn about JumpNet limits and how to increase them with Efinity Token (EFI)

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Published on June 1st, 2021

JumpNet allows you to execute transactions for free. In order to offer this, JumpNet imposes a series of limits against each address on the network. The current limits* are as follows:

  • 20 transactions per minute;
  • 240 transactions per hour; and
  • 2,880 transactions per day.

Increasing Your Limits

It is possible to increase the number of transactions you’re able to perform by simply holding the Efinity Token (“EFI”) on JumpNet (referred to as “JEFI”).

For every 100 JEFI* that you hold on JumpNet, your limits will be doubled, up to the following limits*:

  • 60 transactions per minute;
  • 3,600 transactions per hour; and
  • 72,000 transactions per day.

For example, if you hold 367 EFI, your limits* would be:

  • 60 transactions per minute;
  • 960 transactions per hour; and
  • 11,520 transactions per day.

* Please note that all limits are variable and may change in the future.

Transferring EFI to JumpNet

You can transfer EFI by using the following DApp: https://enj.in/efi-jn

In the Enjin Wallet, you can navigate to this link via the DApp Browser. For Android users, it is listed as a featured DApp. 

To transfer your EFI, specify the amount that you would like to transfer and click the button to submit a transaction. Once the transaction has been mined and sufficient confirmations have passed, it will appear automatically on JumpNet.

Recovering EFI

EFI that is transferred to JumpNet is not consumed or locked, and you will be able to migrate back to Mainnet at any time. In an upcoming release, you will be able to reverse the process by migrating JEFI back to EFI via the Enjin Wallet. The process will be identical to that of migrating between ENJ (Mainnet) and JENJ (JumpNet). 

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