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February 11, 2021

EnjinCraft: Minecraft Plugin & Demo Server

Learn more about EnjinCraft, our blockchain plugin for Minecraft.

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EnjinCraft: Minecraft Plugin

Our Java SDK forms the backbone of EnjinCraft, a Minecraft plugin that allows players to integrate, use, and trade blockchain assets in their servers.

The plugin and instructions for getting started can be accessed on Github.


  • Integrate Blockchain Assets: Integrate your own blockchain-based Minecraft assets or attach an existing blockchain asset identity to your in-game items via console commands.
  • Link Wallets: Automatically create codes that players can use to link their blockchain wallet to your Minecraft server.
  • Show Balance: Enable players to check their real-time Enjin Coin and Ethereum balance in Minecraft's user interface.
  • Items & Permissions: Provide special items and permissions to players based on the blockchain assets they own.
  • Send Blockchain Assets: Easily send blockchain assets to your players via Minecraft's console commands.
  • P2P Trading: Enable players to trade blockchain assets peer-to-peer via a simple GUI, without ever leaving the game.
  • Open-Source: Study, use, improve, and modify EnjinCraft's source code to get exactly the features you need.
  • NFT Support: Create, and utilize Minecraft items as your own NFT assets.


To install and use the EnjinCraft plugin with your server:

  • You need to be running Java 8 or higher.
  • Your server must be connected to the Internet.
  • You need to create a project on the Enjin Platform.

Initial Setup

  1. Download the version of EnjinCraft that corresponds to your platform.
  2. Navigate to the mods/plugins directory, then place the EnjinCraft jar in this directory.
  3. Fully stop and start your server to allow the default configuration to be generated.
  4. Fully stop your server and open the config file. It will be located at /plugins/EnjinCraft/config.yml.
  5. Set the config options as needed for the Project you created on the Enjin Platform.
  6. Open the tokens file. It will be located at /plugins/EnjinCraft/tokens.json.
  7. Add item configurations for the fungible tokens you wish to use in-game.
  8. Start your server again.

Download the EnjinCraft plugin.

Wallet Linking

To use and receive blockchain assets in EnjinCraft, you will need to link your wallet. To begin this process, type /enj link in the chat. You will receive a unique linking code, which you can type into your Enjin Wallet under the "Linked Apps" section on the wallet.

Here’s a video to guide you through the steps:

Secure Escrow Trading

A key feature of EnjinCraft is the secure escrow trading process that enables two players to trade items with full confidence that they will receive what they expect.

Type /enj trade invite <player> to initiate a trade with another player. If you have received an invite, press (t) to open up the chat log and left click (Accept) or (Decline).

Here’s a video to guide you through the trading process:

Mini Games

EnjinCraft features five simple mini games you can play to earn blockchain loot. Every 10 minutes, a loot chest will randomly appear at one of the mini games.

Use these /warp commands to teleport yourself to different games:

  • /warp Spawn: Return to the server’s spawn location.
  • /warp SkyHunt: Teleport from platform to platform by throwing ender pearls.
  • /warp ParkourPark: Jump and balance your way through this challenging parkour course.
  • /warp ChestChasers: Search all the known hiding spots in the village.
  • /warp KilltheCaptain: Climb and fight your way to the highest point on the epic statue.
  • /warp LavaDungeon: Jump, balance, and fight atop a precarious lava pit.

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