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June 2, 2022

How to Claim your EFI rewards via Polkadot.js

Learn more information about how to claim your EFI rewards via the Polkadot.js extension

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Tassio Rafael
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Before proceeding further, it's important to make sure that the wallet which you used to contribute to the Efinity Crowdloan, is accessible through the Polkadot.js extension in your browser. Without the wallet, you won't be able to view your balance and claim your tokens.

EFI Rewards Claim URL: https://explorer.efinity.io

EFI Claiming Process

To get started with the claiming process, go to Polkadot.js.org and select the apps wallet option as shown in the screenshot below:


You will then be taken to the Polkadot.js main page. From there, click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your screen, select Efinity blockchain and click on the switch button, which will redirect you to the Efinity Blockchain main page.


Once the Efinity block explorer successfully loads on your browser, click on the accounts drop-down menu then select the last option "EFI reward claims". Click to confirm, and you will then be redirected to the EFI reward claiming page.


Once you are on the EFI reward claims page, you can see your vested accounts and the locked amount that you are able to claim.


To claim the EFI, click on the claim button right beside the amount that you are able to claim, a transaction pop-up will appear requesting you to sign this transaction.

Click on Sign and Submit and the transaction will broadcast to the blockchain.

Once done, your EFI balance will increase and the locked amount will decrease based on the amount you've claimed.


As with any other transaction on the Blockchain, claiming requires you to pay a small amount for the transaction fees.

In terms of Efinity, the first rewards claim will have already been subsidised and transferred by the Efinity team, and the subsequent transactions will need to be paid by yourself in order to claim the rewards.

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