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February 11, 2021

Importing from Electrum to Enjin Wallet

Follow these steps to import your Electrum to the Enjin Wallet.

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Tassio Rafael
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Note that you can only import non-SegWit/Standard wallets into the Enjin Wallet. SegWit wallets will generate a different Extended Private Key, which is not currently supported in the Enjin Wallet.

Open and unlock your Electrum Wallet, and go to the "Console" tab.

If you do not see the "Console" tab, select "View" and "Show Console."

In the console, enter getmasterprivate()

If your wallet is encrypted, it will ask for your wallet password.

You should be given your XPRV key (it will start with xprv).

Import your wallet by using the Bitcoin - Private Key / XPRV / WIF method and entering your XPRV Key.

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