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February 15, 2021

Multiverse Characters

In-game, player-owned blockchain characters that can be used and leveled up across multiple games.

Written by
Tassio Rafael
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A multiverse character is an in-game, player-owned blockchain character that can be used and leveled up across multiple games.

The simplest way for game developers to implement multiverse characters is to use a multiverse leveling coefficient—a variable that can accurately measure the overall progress of a player (e.g., total play time). How different games use this variable is up to individual game developers.

There are three ways to implement multiverse characters:

  • Cosmetic Upgrades: Any progress made in games is purely cosmetic, in the form of character and item “skins.”
  • Minor Benefits: Progress made across games is reflected with minor benefits, such as more item slots or other perks that don’t break in-game balance.
  • Real Progression: Progress made across games is reflected in tangible advantages (e.g., a character’s in-game level is equal to the character’s multiverse level).

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