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August 1, 2022

What is Enjin Coin (ENJ) and How do I buy it?

Learn more about how you can purchase Enjin Coin (ENJ) and what Enjin Coin is.

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What is Enjin Coin?

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of next-generation blockchain assets. ENJ is an ERC-20 token. It is the gold standard for digital assets (e.g. NFTs and FTs).

Every digital asset created with the Enjin Platform is an ERC-1155 token backed by ENJ. All digital assets you see on NFT.io are backed by a value of ENJ.

You can see the backed value (aka Reserve Value) on the details section of the listed NFT.

Reserve value (ENJ backing) of an asset

The native ERC-1155 token standard was created by Enjin's Co-founder & CTO Witek Radomski. To date, over 1 billion Enjin-powered blockchain assets have already been created.

You can also view all of Enjin's blockchain assets on EnjinX: the go-to public Explorer to track your transactions and view your NFTs in your wallet.

To learn more about Enjin Coin and how it works, check our article here.

How can I purchase Enjin Coin?

If you're looking to purchase Enjin Coin, we recommend visiting our trustworthy exchanges to get a full overview of available crypto exchanges: https://enjin.io/enjin-coin.

You can purchase ENJ either through a centralised exchange, a decentralised application (DApp) or through exchanging a token to ENJ.

Centralised Exchanges

Centralised exchanges include purchasing Enjin Coin through Binance, Coinbase and Crypto.com.

Exchanges like the above will likely require verification and KYC (Know Your Customer). We recommend doing this as soon as you can to start purchasing tokens.

Decentralised Exchanges

Decentralised applications such as UniSwap and 1Inch allows you to swap any token you have for Enjin Coin. Simply connect your wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, etc) to a DApp and start swapping tokens to Enjin Coin.


Decentralized exchange preview

Using the in-wallet token swap

Additionally, you can use the in-wallet token swap to exchange tokens to Enjin Coin. Use either Changelly (Fixed or Dynamic) and Kyber.

We've created a guide on how to start exchanging using the in-wallet token swap here.

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