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Aldian Legends

Fight to free a blocky world from evil in this Minecraft MMORPG.
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Heroes needed! The District of Aldian is under siege by the relentless forces of evil.

Begin your journey as an aspiring adventurer and quest your way through a beautiful, dangerous land as you grow your power and achieve the status of a living legend.

Aldian Legends brings engaging MMORPG mechanics to the timeless world of Minecraft, offering a fresh, engrossing experience with some welcome familiarities.

Choose your combat class and explore a world filled with danger and glory; live the hero life as you embark on epic quests and discover challenging dungeons filled with untold riches.

One of the most exciting and innovative features of Aldian Legends is its dynamic quest system that actually changes the world around you.

These quests can be triggered by a token in your wallet, tasking you with a series of objectives such as: fighting a house fire; beating up the arsonists responsible; and then finding someone to help rebuild the residence, which has been reduced to a smoldering heap.

The best part? Completing these quests brings rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with various functions. In this particular case, the token provides you an in-game canine companion named Max—and he's the goodest of boys.  

Throughout your travels, there is a veritable arsenal of rare and powerful equipment waiting to be found and support your legendary ambitions. Some of the mighty armor and weapons you acquire will be blockchain assets backed with Enjin Coin (ENJ), bringing real-world value to your in-game efforts.  

Need a change of pace?

Become an artisan and participate in the thriving Aldian economy! Provide for the people of Aldian and earn income by mastering professions such as mining, farming, enchanting, and more. The greater your skillset, the greater your rewards—which, of course, translates to more power.

Aldian Legends is a living, breathing MMORPG world filled with incredible atmosphere and adventures, and all you need to jump in is a copy of Minecraft Java Edition.

Embark on your journey to become a living legend.

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