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Experience a new form of esports where anyone can compete for cash rewards.
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The esports industry is the pinnacle of the play-to-earn experience—but until now, it's been difficult to climb the ladder, build your brand, and form enough relationships to land your first invite to a tournament.

Ascendance Games is looking to flip this model on its head and democratize the esports industry by allowing anyone and everyone to compete from anywhere in the world, without leaving their homes.

Impulse achieves this new paradigm of competitive esports where everyone can partake by allowing you to enter paid arenas with real-cash rewards.

There are, of course, also free-to-play arenas where you can cut your teeth, sharpen your skills, and play for fun.

The initial release of Impulse is slated to feature arenas that support between 6-16 players, with the ability to choose between free-for-all and team play modes.

Impulse features unique mutation non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a player, you'll start with a silver synthetic humanoid (synth) that can mutate into an array of beings, such as werewolves, cyborgs, aliens (and, of course, humans).

In fact, you can collect trophies and DNA as NFTs from every realm within the Impulse multiverse to create the exact look you desire.

As you play, you'll earn a currency called DNA, which you can use to mutate your synth into various available lifeforms. The mutation you create is then minted as an NFT representing your evolved form.

But here's the kicker: with an ultra-complex character system, you can even meld two mutation NFTs together to create a cross between two different life forms.

For example, melding a werewolf mutation NFT with a cyborg mutation NFT would turn your synth into a werewolf cyborg.

Playing Impulse will allow you to time travel through worlds, from medieval times and the western plains, to futuristic landscapes beyond comprehension—collecting NFTs that also unlock clothing, weapon skins, and other unique cosmetics along the way.

If you were born with the impulse to compete and win, and thrive on adrenaline-pumping mutant warfare, this is the title for you.

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