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Kingdom Karnage

Assemble your deck, complete campaigns, and crush your enemies.
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Remember the thrill of actually trading cards on the school playground?

Kingdom Karnage brings this physical act into the digital realm, without trading restrictions enforced by the studio. It's next-gen tech that makes this happen.

Kingdom Karnage is a digital trading card game that fully embraces the power of the digital format. Do more than just collect and disenchant—you're free to buy, sell, or trade with other players direct from your gaming wallet. Name your price, and get real value from your game.

It doesn't matter whether you wish to fly the flag of humanity, undead hordes, or tribes of orcs—Kingdom Karnage goes far beyond your regular TCG experience.

Build a deck of 30 cards and set off to conquer campaign modes for every faction, discover and explore dungeons for rewards, and revel in the glory of vanquishing others in PvP. Manage your health, attack, movement, and abilities with the added challenge of countdown timers in turn-based combat.

Campaign mode allows you to find out more about each faction and uncover the game's narrative and lore.

Dungeons present limited-time challenges that can be tackled both on your own, or with the help of others in a multiplayer setting.

PvP brings the thrill of real-time 1vs1 Player vs Player combat; future updates will bring 2vs2 combat featuring high stakes playing "for keeps," where players will get to take one card permanently from their defeated opponents' decks, adding even more impetus for careful deck building.

Looting cards from opponents can be a crucial aspect of progression: completing campaign missions and dungeons will award cards, items, and more. Duplicate and replicate cards can be combined to create higher level cards with increased power, an essential part of the deck-building process.

In addition, weapons and armor can be collected to boost characters, and enchanted cards can be earned as special rewards from endgame multiplayer events and dungeons.

All boosts, cards, and upgrades can be traded directly between players, encouraging an active, player-driven peer-to-peer trading community.

Choose your faction, build your deck, and create karnage.

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