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The Six Dragons

Venture into an open world fantasy RPG featuring 1 billion dungeons.
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"Once, Nemberus was a serene place... then the Dragons came."

Like any good adventurer, when you find yourself in a land ravaged by otherworldly beasts, you cannot sit idly by. It's time to free the land from the oppression of the dragons.

Set in the fantasy world of Nemberus, The Six Dragons (TSD) is an ambitious, feature-rich open world RPG.

Just how ambitious is it?

With a 64km² map of open land and 1 billion dungeons to explore, TSD nearly doubles the map size of legendary open world RPG Skyrim, which measures 37.1km².

"The Skyrim experience powered by blockchain"
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Featuring three character class trees (warrior, mage, and cleric), TSD offers flexibility to suit a variety of playstyles. If you don't want to follow one archetype too closely, you can mix, match, and combine the 33 skills from each tree until your character suits the way you want to play.

And what would a good RPG be without weapons? Choose from swords for warriors, staffs for wizards, and maces for clerics, with 26 variants of each.

To further personalize their equipment, ambitious blacksmiths can utilize a deep crafting and enchanting system with over 300 craftable items offering different stats, abilities, and bonuses. Via the Blockchain Blacksmith Service, players can craft new tokenized in-game items like weapons and armor using the blockchain recipes of other players, who are paid with cryptocurrency in return for their service.

Beyond these numbers, there is so much to train, wield, and experience in the immersive, open world of TSD. Nemberus features fully dynamic weather and a landscape marked by forests, mountains, volcanos, lakes, and rivers, scattered with villages, dungeons, arenas, and castles, and prowled by fearless monsters that will hunt you down.

Of course, with such a large map, there's teleporting and mysterious portals to boot (sorry, Geralt).

With so much to see and do, it's a shame you only have two hands to get dirty. Luckily, TSD aims to provide an MMO experience in a single-player RPG, with the ability to recruit AI companions for tasks like standing alongside you in battle, farming for resources, and hunting for loot.

While TSD is a great RPG as it is, by combining its classic setting with cutting edge technology, it manages to stand on its own at the forefront of a new genre of gaming.

By building skills, collecting recipes, and gathering resources, you can create weapons, items, and equipment on the Ethereum blockchain—items you own in your personal address, rather than simply accessing them from a central server.

But why does that matter?

It means you can freely buy, sell, or trade them with other adventurers anywhere in the world—thus creating a player-driven, decentralized economy with real-world value, where the most skilled crafters can be sought out and commissioned by other players.

In the words of its developer, The Six Dragons is "a game where players are the protagonists as they constantly shape the game but also retain the opportunity to capture value from their progress," with the ultimate vision "that the community will adopt various gameplay roles . . . and freely run a decentralized blockchain economy."

There may only be six dragons, but the possibilities in this open world RPG are infinite.

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